I am bringing my VIP PR days to you. It’s the coolest club that is only available by invite or shooting through an expression of interest below.


Are you ready to enter your show pony era and get drunk on your own confidence? 

✔️ You are slaying your biz, in fact you are fucking killing it!

✔️ Your mindset is on point, you love showing up and your community is fierce as fuck. They love you, you got cult status! You are the leader and they know it!

✔️ You are ready to AMPLIFY everything you do with media attention!

✔️ You wanna be just like that gal you saw online who has all the “as seen in…” plastered all over her website and Insta!

I’ll show you exactly how to PR yourself and impact the world with your message

I’ll take you behind the curtain using my 20 years of media experience and share insider tips to do your own publicity for FREE. The kinda thing PR agencies would charge you $30k for!

✔️ You will be taught my PR model and strategy that has clients SEEN everywhere from TV, radio, double page spreads, guests posting and stages all over the world

✔️ You will learn how to position yourself as an authority in the media

✔️ You will pitch on the day to media outlets, podcast guest spots and stages

✔️ You will meet a guest Media Expert and have the opportunity to ask them ANYTHING


PLUS food, drinks and a kick-ass community

PLUS take-home templates for you to implement your own PR strategy

PLUS access to my black book of contacts


🔥 FOUR radio interviews

🔥 TWO TV interviews

🔥 AND 3 plus x newspaper articles…

This all came from just ONE perfectly curated PR email 🤯 And it's possible for you too!



🗓️ Tuesday 23rd July at Sol Tank Studio in Perth

⏱️ 9.30am-5.00pm

$1500 SAVE $250

Yours today $1250 (Pay in full) - Early Bird now open!


The media NEED and want YOUR stories.

They have to create 100’s of thousands of pieces DAILY, so they are always looking for expert opinions and thought leaders who have powerful things to say.

My method got these results:


Payment Plans:

  • Q: Do you offer payment plans?
  • A: Yes


  • Q: Can I get a refund if I don't like it?
  • A: Refunds are not on the table. I've poured my expertise and passion into this PR DAY and I'm confident it delivers immense value.

PR DAY effectiveness: 

  • Q: Will this work me?
  • A: The method that we use in the PR DAY works for everyone, but there's no magic pill. Are you ready to do the work?

Suitability for beginners: 

  • Q: I'm just getting started in biz, is it too early for PR?
  • A: This PR DAY is designed for all biz levels. Learn tools now that will support your growth.

Direct access to Heidi: 

  • Q: Do I get direct access to Heidi?
  • A: Yes, you will get to work directly with Heidi

Angles and what you should share: 

  • Q: A lot of you "worry" that you don't know what your angles or what you should share? 
  • A: Let me share the process of how we EXTRACT your angles, ideas & opinions & maybe you can try this yourself.
    1. It’s ALL in the questionnaire we have you fill out 🤣 when you sign up. We have crafted certain qs from years of PR & media experience that EXTRACT the information you have within you.
    2. We then brainstorm angles, ideas 💡 with the team (myself & my PR assistant) with 20 years experience between us & 100s of PR wins we know what works.
    3. We create a google doc with your name on it & a personal PR plan with ALL of our ideas, contacts & copy & paste winning PITCH templates.
    4. We go through all the ideas 💡 and craft out 2-3 angles
    5. Then we PITCH 🥳 its a collaborative effort.
    6. I want YOU to establish your own relationships so I share all my contacts with you.

    I teach all this at my VIP PR day!

    This exact method got these results!

Media personality, Heidi Anderson, knows a thing or two about PR. She has leveraged MEDIA ATTENTION around her career for the past 10 years using it to build her personal brand.

She has a PR degree and after almost 20 years working in Media in the UK & Aus... most recently live on-air as breakfast radio host in Perth, Heidi was well overdue for a change of scenery.

When she's not arguing with her cute AF 4-year old (Memphis) about whether he's driving the car or sitting in his car seat, she's empowering and coaching you through life and business with inspirational speaking, PR workshops, PR stunts & viral movements that have been grabbed  by media ALL OVER THE WORLD.