Sure, marketing, advertising and social media are fab – I have used all these strategies in building my own biz.

But now you’re ready to step things up a notch and have your eyes firmly fixed on world domination. 

You need kick-ass PR. And I show you how to do it yourself for FREE.

Think high-visibility media exposure to:

✔️ Supercharge your personal brand

✔️ Amplify your voice

✔️ Be known as the expert

Using my two decades of media experience in Australia and the UK, I have the industry know-how to teach you how to position yourself in the press without spending tens of thousands on hiring a PR agency. Because who knows your story and brand better than you? After an acclaimed career on breakfast radio, I have a killer black book of contacts and know all the tips and tricks to crafting captivating pitches that get you noticed by all the right people.

I have guided hundreds of go-getters to gain articles, features and guest appearances in all the major media outlets – and you’re next.

I have built a commanding (and endearing) public identity through motivational talks, PR workshops, attention-grabbing stunts and viral campaigns that have captured the interest of global media outlets.

My out-of-the-box thinking looks a little something like…

  • Leaving my book in public toilets as a surprise gift
  • Flying a private plane down WA's coast with a banner reading: "the Queen of PR #heidianderson" 
  • strutting through shopping centerss in my bra and undies
  • Putting my head (and brand) on a billboard in the middle of the city 

And that’s just to name a few. I’ve been featured the press for OVER 10 YEARS.

I know you keep putting PR to theI’ll do later pile” because you're scared of rejection and have no idea what to say.

You wonder “is my story even newsworthy enough?

I see you sitting at your desk saying, I’m ready, today is the day I'll send a pitch, then you open your email to write but you have NO idea how to put it into words or who to send it to.

And next thing you’re scrolling socials, frustrated AF because you see another entrepreneur in the media with another PR win.

When is it going to be me? I hear you say… 


The perfect time is NOW, with publications worldwide needing 100s of pieces of content daily—and they need YOU.

They are looking for you.

Save them time by sliding into their emails or DMs with the perfect pitch. 

All you need to do is unleash your inner Champagne Confidence and face down your fear of being seen.

If you’re ready to catapult yourself into the inbox of journos, pitch your voice for guest podcast interviews, write for online publications and achieve wide-reaching stardom BUT you don’t know where to start, then I got you.