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Heidi Anderson

Over-sharer • Broadcaster • Speaker • Writer • New Mum

Life for me is a little different these days, I’m elbow deep in shitty nappies, spew and baby cuddles after the birth of my first baby Memphis.

While he sleeps or suckles on the boobie, I am madly typing chapters for my first book, creating self-love workshops and oversharing our new life as parents on our podcast, First-Time Parents.

Before #mumlife, I worked in breakfast radio as a host around the country (Perth, Newcastle, Bunbury, Bathurst) for ten years sharing too many stories from everyone else’s life!

Did you know? I am ALSO an anxious ball of mess, who loves a bottle of wine and meditates daily to keep the demons away. Six years ago, I discovered writing as a therapeutic tool, and I have been oversharing in my blog and online columns for publications since! I also spend a gross amount of time on social media doing the same.

Heidi xo

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First Time Parents Podcast

An unedited, unfiltered podcast about a newly married couple (Heidi Anderson ex breakfast radio host & Sparky James “Griffo” Griffiths from Perth, Western Australia) as we tackle parenthood for the very first time, in all its shitty & glorious moments.

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