champagne confidence

- it's not just another memoir. It's a perspective shift and a movement impacting women worldwide.



champagne confidence

- it's not just another memoir. It's a perspective shift and a movement impacting women worldwide.



How does the thought of being Drunk On Confidence make you feel?

For me, it’s a lifestyle.  Being Drunk on Confidence isn’t some throw-away phrase for an inspirational Insta caption.  It’s a complete shift in perspective that’ll empower you with the confidence to get the most out of your life, every fucking day.


Let’s be fucking real for a hot second.  If you’re an OG Heidi-fan (oh HEY!), you probs got to know radio-Heidi reeeeal well.  The confident, bubbly, opinionated chick who made a living being hilarious (still am tbh).  You didn’t see the real Heidi.  Me, struggling day in and day out with anxiety, feeling lost and low self-esteem.


So here’s your invitation into my world. I’m taking you inside my deepest thoughts and my darkest days.


This is my story from lost and anxious to confident and self-assured. It’s not just another soppy memoir.   It’s your intro into a shift in perspective and a movement impacting women worldwide.


So you're here for my Coaching Programs?

WARNING: They're next fucking level!
15+ years in PR and media - you know I know what works. 10+ years on a healing, learning & self-love journey - I've felt the feels, tried and tested the strategies and am here to guide you on your journey

MEMORABLE AF MARKETING is a 12-week self paced coaching program to take your marketing from boring to MEMORABLE AF.  Growth, collabs & taking your ideas to the next level - thinking outside the box is mandatory (getting your head on a billboard or flying a banner plane with your program - optional).


HOW TO PR THE SHIT OUT OF YOURSELF is an online self-paced program showing you how to stop cock-blocking yourself, think differently & blow the glass ceiling out of your f*cking business. PR isn't just for celebs if you wanna grow your audience & make sales then you need to PR the shit out of yourself! 

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SHED YOUR SHIT is a 4-week confidence program like no other.  The program takes women from feeling stuck, unmotivated & doubting themselves to finding inner peace & self-love. Join over 1000 women like you who changed their lives & change the way you love yourself forever.


Can't make a decision to save your life?

Get your grabby hands on the entire Champagne Confidence Course Collection


Get immediate lifetime access to my 3 Champagne Content programs (How to PR the Shit Out of Yourself, Memorable AF Marketing & Shed Your Shit) that'll take you and your business to the next fucking level.


$169 gets you lifetime access to all 3 programs - valued at $15k+ 


OR... Conquer your fears & unleash your inner Champagne Confidence with my CONFIDENCE MASTERCLASS 

If you're ready to step into your courage and build your confidence, this is the sign that you've been looking for.


This class isn't just about body confidence. It's about unleashing your inner champagne confidence and using it in every part of your life.



champagne confidence

Your alcohol-free bottle poppin’ Sunday sesh, your ears have been craving since Heidi left the airwaves in 2019.  Champagne Confidence is all about building confidence by stepping outside your comfort zone & empowering women to get off the hamster wheel, step into their power & start living their best f*cking life.



First Time Parents (Season 2 - Chronicles of a 3 year old)


First Time Parents is an unedited, unfiltered podcast about us, a newly married couple (Heidi Anderson ex-breakfast radio host now Stay At Home Mum & Sparky James "Griffo" Griffiths from Perth, Western Australia) as we tackle parenthood for the very first time, in all it's s****y & glorious moments.



Not Your Average Anything...

Who TF's Heidi Anderson?


A perfectly imperfect combination of no BS and bang-on wisdom, I'm the top-rating ex-radio presenter and TV personality turned PR queen, Memph’s mum, Griffo’s misso, self-love & mental health advocate, author and host of the chart-topping podcast, Champagne Confidence 🍾


I'm your PR/media expert & hype queen with a dream of taking her stage show on the road.  Inspiring women (like you) worldwide to get out of your own way and stop cock-blocking yourself so you can share your awesomeness with the mother-fucking world.



You probs seen me in my red bikini featured on...

Here's why you need a bitta Heidi in your life

(aaaaand the audience goes wild...)

If you missed me on studio 10, talking about my new book, drunk and confidence, you can watch it below.

I went on national TV in my bra & undies… WHY??
Watch the video above to find out 💖 This moment of vulnerability for me & exposing myself like I do is because the conversation is bigger than me!

CHAMPAGNE CONFIDENCE goes Aussie wide on Studio10


I have seen the power behind the work we do, I have seen the changes in women around the world by doing the work, and I have deeply felt the strength in each of these women too.


We have been called BRAVE & INSPIRING but the truth is WE ARE US. Authentically showing up without fear of judgement.
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