champagne confidence

- it's not just another memoir. It's a perspective shift and a movement impacting women worldwide.



champagne confidence

- it's not just another memoir. It's a perspective shift and a movement impacting women worldwide.



How does the thought of being Drunk On Confidence make you feel?

For me, it’s a lifestyle.  Being Drunk on Confidence isn’t some throw-away phrase for an inspirational Insta caption.  It’s a complete shift in perspective that’ll empower you with the confidence to get the most out of your life, every fucking day.


Let’s be fucking real for a hot second.  If you’re an OG Heidi-fan (oh HEY!), you probs got to know radio-Heidi reeeeal well.  The confident, bubbly, opinionated chick who made a living being hilarious (still am tbh).  You didn’t see the real Heidi.  Me, struggling day in and day out with anxiety, feeling lost and low self-esteem.


So here’s your invitation into my world. I’m taking you inside my deepest thoughts and my darkest days.


This is my story from lost and anxious to confident and self-assured. It’s not just another soppy memoir.   It’s your intro into a shift in perspective and a movement impacting women worldwide.


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15+ years in PR and media - you know I know what works. 10+ years on a healing, learning & self-love journey - I've felt the feels, tried and tested the strategies and am here to guide you on your journey

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HOW TO PR THE SHIT OUT OF YOURSELF is an online self-paced program showing you how to stop cock-blocking yourself, think differently & blow the glass ceiling out of your f*cking business. PR isn't just for celebs if you wanna grow your audience & make sales then you need to PR the shit out of yourself! 

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SHED YOUR SHIT is a 4-week confidence program like no other.  The program takes women from feeling stuck, unmotivated & doubting themselves to finding inner peace & self-love. Join over 1000 women like you who changed their lives & change the way you love yourself forever.


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champagne confidence

Your alcohol-free bottle poppin’ Sunday sesh, your ears have been craving since Heidi left the airwaves in 2019.  Champagne Confidence is all about building confidence by stepping outside your comfort zone & empowering women to get off the hamster wheel, step into their power & start living their best f*cking life.



First Time Parents (Season 2 - Chronicles of a 3 year old)


First Time Parents is an unedited, unfiltered podcast about us, a newly married couple (Heidi Anderson ex-breakfast radio host now Stay At Home Mum & Sparky James "Griffo" Griffiths from Perth, Western Australia) as we tackle parenthood for the very first time, in all it's s****y & glorious moments.



Not Your Average Anything...

Who TF's Heidi Anderson?


A perfectly imperfect combination of no BS and bang-on wisdom, I'm the top-rating ex-radio presenter and TV personality turned PR queen, Memph’s mum, Griffo’s misso, self-love & mental health advocate, author and host of the chart-topping podcast, Champagne Confidence 🍾


I'm your PR/media expert & hype queen with a dream of taking her stage show on the road.  Inspiring women (like you) worldwide to get out of your own way and stop cock-blocking yourself so you can share your awesomeness with the mother-fucking world.



You probs seen me in my red bikini featured on...

Here's why you need a bitta Heidi in your life

(aaaaand the audience goes wild...)







Watch ME and Peta Hooke on Studio10

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If you missed me on studio 10, talking about my new book, drunk and confidence, you can watch it below.

I went on national TV in my bra & undies… WHY??
Watch the video above to find out 💖 This moment of vulnerability for me & exposing myself like I do is because the conversation is bigger than me!

CHAMPAGNE CONFIDENCE goes Aussie wide on Studio10


I have seen the power behind the work we do, I have seen the changes in women around the world by doing the work, and I have deeply felt the strength in each of these women too.


We have been called BRAVE & INSPIRING but the truth is WE ARE US. Authentically showing up without fear of judgement.
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