Chances are, you probably know the loud and proud (top-rating) ex-radio presenter Heidi real well. Too much info, too many opinions and too much honesty. On the outside, I was the picture of confidence – I was the girl dancing on tables with a glass of bubbles in her hand, without a care (or fear) in the world.

The only thing I didn't openly share with you, was how I was feeling deep down. The bit that actually fucking mattered. The truth is, I cared way too much and I was terrified. Despite having a dream-worthy career on breakfast radio, I was an anxious mess with imposter syndrome who had turned to hard partying to numb the pain.

This was my rock bottom. 

Until an unforgettable day in 2016. I made headlines after announcing my struggle with chronic anxiety LIVE on air. The story went on to reach over two million people online.

Voice shaking and tears in my eyes, here's how it went down:


Since then, you've watched my journey from self-loathing to self-love unfold. You've seen the highs, the lows, the tears, the laughter and most importantly, you've seen my self-esteem skyrocket. I’m no longer reliant on alcohol to fake a cool-girl vibe. I’m Drunk on Confidence baby, and I have created a movement.

My mission

I have made it my exclusive vendetta to kick poor confidence to the curb on a global scale. Why? Because so many of us are still out here, giving way too many fucks, when we should be having the time of our lives. Enter Heidi (picture me in Uma Thurman’s yellow jumpsuit from Kill Bill) as your personal party starter, ready to super-charge your inner spark into a flame that burns bright enough for the whole world to see.

I do this by disrupting the status quo and creating viral movements, using my two decades of media experience to teach others to harness the power of PR and hyping women up to Shed their Shit and unleash their Champagne Confidence.

Growing up, I never pictured myself as a cheerleader. But here I am, pom poms at the ready, amped up to CHEER YOU ON!

2005 to 2012

2005  Bright-eyed and fresh-faced, I get my PR and media degree from Charles Sturt University without knowing what could possibly lie in store.

2010 I score my first breakfast radio gig and the love affair with the microphone begins.

2012 Fast forward to me admitting “I hate myself” live on-air. Life is a total blur around this time.


2013 I enter the Big Brother house and I become a household name overnight.

Even though I am booted on day 43, the experience catapults me to co-hosting a capital city breakfast radio show for Hit929. My first interview is none other than Katy Perry.

2014 I further my reach by writing for and PerthNow.

Sharing my story through columns and opinion pieces. I’m cashed-up enough to buy my first house, which was just a pipe dream a few years ago.

2015 to 2017

2015 Due to listener demand, I start running self-love workshops across Perth and they are an instant hit.

2016 But the confidence I project to the world? It’s all an act. I take a leap of faith and confess my secret struggle with anxiety to 500,000 people on live radio. The clip goes viral and it is a turning point.

2017 Finally embodying the kick-ass image I projected for so long, I am nominated for Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Female award. I interview celebs from Kim Kardashian to Robbie Williams, and someone offers me a stage to start my journey with keynote speaking. 

2018 Cue the white doves – I get married (and it’s covered on a bunch of news sites) and fall pregnant.

2019 to 2021

2019 Radio will always be in my blood, but with baby boy Memphis’ arrival my priorities and values have changed. I hang up my station headphones and pick up a podcast mic instead.

2020 But I haven’t stopped with my mission to empower women. My viral movement Shed Your Shit is born when I walk through shopping centres in nothing but my bra and undies to encourage others to love the skin they are in. I’m on national TV and attract a whole new audience.


2021 I’m captain of a multi-six-figure coaching business and I win an Ausmum award. But I’ve given too much of myself and my old mate anxiety is creeping back in. Burnt out, I blow up my coaching biz to work on myself.

2022 My memoir Drunk on Confidence is published. 

That’s right – I wrote a book! And it sells thousands of copies. I crash Melbourne Fashion Week and I am back on TV in just my bra and undies a bunch more times as I spread my message of Champagne Confidence far and wide. This PR queen is now using her media savvy to educate other business owners and it’s going gangbusters.

2023 to present

2023 I launch my empowerment stand-up series, Shit Show, so others have a platform to have their voices heard. My live shows are selling out, my clients are having major wins by getting featured in top publications and I am spilling my juiciest career secrets at private VIP PR Days. Oh, and my husband and I lift the lid on our marriage by having live therapy sessions on our podcast.

2024 As Natasha B sings: the rest is still unwritten!

Give me a Google – I'm pretty famous on the interwebs for someone who hasn't released a sex tape (eat your heart out Kimmy K). Take this feature from May 2022 as an example: my viral #shedyourshit sisterhood and I blessed TV screens, Australia wide, on Studio 10 in our bathers, spreading an empowering message to women worldwide. 

The way you speak about yourself matters. Feelings of vulnerability and being exposed matters. Loving yourself sick, fucking matters. I’m paving the path so others can walk it, too!