What do you get when you cross live comedy with motivational speaking? 

If you ask Heidi Anderson (that’s me!), it's a Shit Show.

Welcome to the lounge where self-empowerment meets stand-up, where real people share raw and relatable stories that will make you laugh, cry and feel a little less alone in this weird and wonderful world. 

The Shit Show series has made headlines for the gutsy and unbelievable tales dished by our guests – anything from rags to riches business endeavours to thriving with a disability, surviving cancer, and naughty secrets you won’t hear anywhere else.  

It’s a club where everyone is welcome; a safe space to shed your shit and get Drunk on Confidence, whether you are stepping up on stage as a speaker or crying from laughter in the audience. Every show has sold out so far – what are you waiting for?


My soul mission on this earth is to inspire women to face what’s holding them back, shed their shit and become the most confident version of themselves (without the booze), all while having a bloody good time.

I created the Shit Show series to give others a platform to share the stage with me and become a real-life motivational speaker for the night. Everyone has a killer story, and now there is the perfect place to let it rip! Forget being perfect – it’s often our darkest or silliest moments that lead to our most powerful light-bulb lessons. I should know 😉

Every show is a completely different rollercoaster ride, with an inspirational headline speaker plus several brave women who have been hand-picked for the coveted open-mic spots. And your favourite party-starter (me) will play host for the festivities.

A complete shift in perspective that empowers you to feel confident, every. fucking. day.

The Empowerment Stand Up LIVE Shit Show is your intro to that lifestyle! 

Across two hours, you’ll:

🎤 Hear courageous and exciting stories from women conquering their fears and spilling the lessons learned

🎤 Mingle with a new crowd of confidence queens and deadset legends

🎤 Get an all access pass to the non-guilty Pleasure Bar stacked with lollies

🎤 Buy-your-own bevvies and bubbles from the fully-stocked bar

🎤 Unleash YOUR Champagne Confidence

🎤 Be on your way home and in bed by 10pm!

Friday 25 October 2024 @ Sun Theatre Melbourne

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Friday 22 November 2024 @Perth

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Over the past few years, I’ve met loads of you who are destined to speak on stage, share your story and make an impact. But you’ve all come up against the same problem. There isn’t a stage or platform that fits your message, or you don’t yet have the experience to pitch yourself as a keynote speaker for larger events.

Well listen up: you have the chance to nab one of the open-mic spots at our next Shit Show.

🎤 You get seven minutes to shed your shit on stage with a powerful story, moment or lesson

🎤 Women, non-binary and trans folk are all welcome to apply; we value and aim to amplify diverse experiences

🎤 You don’t have to be funny – but it’s a bonus if you are!

🎤 Your job as the speaker is to make the audience FEEL



Sound like fun? Simply click the link below and fill out our questionnaire. Our panel will decide on a shortlist of top speakers for the next Shit Show, before the final decision is put to a public vote.

Any questions DM ME on insta @_heidianderson


Ready to be papped at our next show?!