We will teach you how to document life like Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner your brand so that people know your brand through the FREE exposure you get from PR and Marketing!


You will know HOW to think outside the BOX & make some mother f**king noise around your biz & brand! 


Get started today!
I see you...


Up late at night comparing yourself to every other biz & celeb wondering how Kris Jenner took Kimmy K's sex tape & turned themselves into one of the most talked about brands in the world.


I know you are scrolling through socials, comparing yourself to everyone else, thinking...

✨ "Why the f**k is she succeeding & why can't I show up like her?"

✨ "How is she getting FREE exposure like that??"

✨ "What the hell is Public Relations? Do I even need it... I am not a celeb?"


I know you're hiding behind your logo wondering when you're going to make your next sale so you can put food on the table!"


What if it was easy as you showing up as yourself, becoming your own PR agent & learning how to pitch yourself like Kris Jenner.


Don't believe me? I thought you wouldn't...

because women are coming to me saying -

▶️ I need to get my name out there, but I don't want to come across like I am up myself... will people judge me for bragging about my brand?

▶️ How do I PR myself? Agencies charge so much money... I can't afford it.

▶️ I don't know how to even do PR or whether I should... What does PR mean?

▶️ I don't have an audience or customers...

▶️ I spend far too much time doing boring business stuff, I just want to have fun...

▶️I feel awkward selling and promoting myself...

▶️ I want to be in the media but I don't know how...


Wanna know how you can get FREE exposure to build your brand?
Then keep on reading because this is possible for every single brand & biz! And PR ain't just for celebs!
IMAGINE.. being the Kris Jenner of your own brand...
Creating an empire and building your biz through PR and marketing!
You could be the next Kimmy K - with clothes on of course or NOT ha ha being confident as f**k to show up in your business as you...
Your ideas will be bangin' and you will know how to PR the shit out of yourself as your own PR agent and pitch yourself to grow your brand.


We have had these EPIC WINS 🎉💗


EVEN with a worldwide pandemic, this is SOME of what we achieved 👇🏼

💥TRIPLED client incomes
💥Turned side hustle into a full-time biz
💥 Bookings TRIPLED per week
💥 Appts booked out WEEKS in advance
💥 GLOBAL collaborations
💥 We SOLD OUT events, workshops and products in HOURS
💥 CONFIDENCE to show up every day
💥 LAUNCHED #1 podcasts
💥 MEDIA COVERAGE in Sunrise, Perth Now, Channel 10, WA Today and SBS Australia

Just to name a few things..

After working together you will be confident as F**K to show up in your biz as you!
Your ideas will be bangin' and you will know HOW TO PR THE SHIT OUR OF YOURSELF as your own PR agent!


Welcome Unit

Meet your HYPE GIRL in biz, Heidi Anderson and find out how she got to where she is today. 

Heidi’s commitment to you as your #1 Hype Girl and PR Queen in biz is…

👉 To teach you everything I know about public relations & business that helped me blow up my own career

👉 To be your biggest fan & cheerleader in business, PR’ing the shit out of yourself & in the community

MODULE 1: What is PR & How to PR Yourself?

F*ck paying someone else thousands of dollars, we'll teach you how to PR yourself & your biz! In just one week, we'll empower & teach you HOW you can stand out from your competition.

How we'll do this:

👉 4x video trainings

👉 Practical tools, tips & homework to implement immediately

MODULE 2: Know Your Brand... and it's NOT Your Logo!

Public relations is simply irrelevant without connections! We show you HOW to connect your story with your brand to build a connected audience and get paying clients.

How we'll do this:

👉 5x video trainings

👉 Practical tools, tips & homework to implement immediately

MODULE 3: How To Think Outside The BOX!

Blowing your biz up is all about standing out & making noise! We teach you HOW to get your biz & brand to be SEEN without a marketing budget with outside the box ideas!! We teach you HOW to exercise your best creative brain & think outside the box. Everyone can do it, you just need to know HOW.

How we'll do this:

👉 8x video trainings

👉 Practical tools, tips & homework to implement immediately

MODULE 4: Everything You Need To Know About Social Media

We teach you everything you need to know about social media so you can SHOW UP online & PR the Shit out of your own brand & business, building a connected & engaged audience as a result!

How we'll do this:

👉 15x video trainings including with special guest Copywriter & Creative designer Katie Pannell

👉 Practical tools, tips & homework to implement immediately

MODULE 5: Guest Masterclass with Master Content Creator, Christian Hull

Learn all of the insider secrets, lessons and insights from one of the most successful content creators in Australia! Christian Hull turned his business into an EMPIRE after gaining over 600 million views across his content.

How we'll do this:

👉 15x video trainings (none of the videos are over 5-10 mins)

👉 Practical tools, tips & homework to implement immediately

MODULE 6:How To Write a Kick-ass Press Release

It's time to get your story and business published/covered in the media! We'll teach you HOW to write a kick-ass press release, reach out to and "actually" stand out in the media's inbox to get your story covered and as a result, blow your biz up!

How we'll do this:

👉 10x video trainings

👉 Practical tools, tips & homework to implement immediately

MODULE 7: How To Pitch The F**k Out of Yourself

From DM'ing potential leads on Instagram, standing out to the media, getting published, to going viral, being a podcast/TV/radio guest, we'll teach you how to get you and your biz noticed!

How we'll do this:

👉 5x video trainings

👉 Practical tools, tips & homework to implement immediately

MODULE 8: How To Launch Something

By this week of the program, you will have created a highly engaged and connected audience and be ready to SUCCESSFULLY launch the f**k out of any product, biz or brand! Whether you're selling consulting, coaching, events or physical products, this method is guaranteed to sell it.

How we'll do this:

👉 2x extensive video trainings

👉 Practical tools, tips & homework to implement immediately

👉 BONUS step-by-step slides

✨ PLUS... these bonuses!! ✨


👉 EXTRA power-packed MODULES for you to BINGE on!

👉 EPIC masterclasses to keep you on top of your game and access to EVERY past group coaching call with HUGE GUEST speakers such as: Christian Hull, George Bryant, Stepha Doyle, Kamahl Simon, Katie Pannell, Em Gee, Ashley Deluca, Stacey June, Courtney Wilder, Cassie, Kim Barrett, Ashleigh Jade and MORE!

Are you ready for it???

The program is valued $5k and you pay $197 😱😱

And, you get access FOR LIFE!

F**k paying someone else thousands of dollars a year to talk about your business, no one will cheer louder for you or your business than YOU.


Listen to what these legends have to say about my program

“How to PR the Shit out of Yourself!”



It’s time to STOP with the excuses, and



I want you to know..

If you work with me it will be f**king fun!

I have 15+ years media experience, I know how the crazy beats works. From working in Public Relations in London to breakfast radio host all around the country!

I know how to make mother f**king noise and build a successful brand!

Some would even say “I am connected” and I have a little black book full of contacts to prove it!

People pay me for the use of my brain and I cannot wait to share all of my ideas with you!!!

I launched my business when COVID first hit, I know crazy BUT…it blew up because I know how to PR the shit out of myself and toot my own horn. So here goes..

✨ 2500 people signed up to my very first free challenge & 88 people signed up for the course.

✨ My podcast went number ONE “First Time Parents” on kids and parenting Australia

✨ I sold out all my workshops

✨ I started a movement for women to celebrate themselves and shed their body hang ups and give less fucks #shedyourshit

✨ Over 100+ women have been through this program

✨ I have launched several programs alongside my clients and created life changing movements

F**K I am soooooo grateful for all of YOU and my squad!



My commitment to you as your #1 Hype girl & PR Queen in the biz is...


✨ To teach you everything i know about PR & business that helped me to BLOW UP my own career & turn my biz into a multi-six figure

✨ To show you how to build an engaged audience who want to BUY from you!

✨ How to be confident enough to promote yourself

✨ To connect you with as many like-minded Queens as possible, OH and my connections too... they're pretty massive...

✨ Show you how to SELL out ANYTHING you are wanting to LAUNCH

✨ Take your business to new heights and never look back

I know that my program can change the game for your business. I know that if you commit, you will see epic results too...


Join my How to PR the Shit Out of Yourself Program right now for $197!


PLUS, you get access for life and a bunch of bonuses!


SOOOO.. what are you waiting for?!?