Beat Your Anxiety

Saturday 12th December 2020 10:00AM – 2:00PM

Where: TBA

Tickets: $99.00 + BF


Feeling overwhelmed?

💥 Anxious?

💥 Angry?

💥 Frustrated?

💥 Lost?

💥 Stuck?

And YOU want someone to understand you?

I get it.

I feel you.

And I see you.

For years I have suffered with anxiety and I want you to know you ARE NOT ALONE and I can support you.

I know you want practical advice & tips on how to beat anxiety and that is WHY I have put together this workshop for you.

Here is what is in store for you…

👉 How to “beat” your anxiety is simply that – we are going to BEAT the shit out of our thoughts with some hands on tips and practices.
I know for many anxiety brings up all kinds of emotions including ANGER we will confront this and learn to express this anger in a safe environment.

👉 Get out of your head into your heart – we will teach you exercises on on how to stop the merry go round of thoughts and HEAR your body!!!

👉 Breath in & out – this is all about your breath and how to use it to calm the mind

👉 Express YO Self – knowing it’s ok to feel all emotions & get some shit out. Shed all those feelings of anger, sadness, overwhelm etc

👉 Peace out bitches – Meditation is not scary and everyone can do it!! How & why this will help your anxious mind!

We live in a crazy world now, and we are doing our best to embrace the new norm but that can be tough.

I want to support YOU through all this uncertainty.

The fear.

The anxiety.

The scared times.

The anger.

Feeling helpless.

Feeling overwhelmed.

All feelings of anxiousness that I understand all too well. I have suffered with anxiety my entire life and have spent the last five years on a mission to understand me & my mental health.

One massive thing that has helped me, is helping you. Whilst discovering different ways to help myself through self-care & mindset practices, I have held multiple workshops about overcoming anxiety and controlling that little voice in your head.

Everyone has a different story and different demons. My past workshops have helped so many women shed shit they no longer needed in their life and I want to help you do the same.

I want to share all the practices I have learnt with you in this FOUR HOUR WORKSHOP!!!

Snacks included

Big love

Heidi xx


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Thank you xxx

HEIDI, I can not thank you enough for today. Yesterday was like a lightbulb moment for me on why I was feeling so drained and tired of the voice in my head. Today I have walked away feeling ready to tackle this journey. Thank you for being so open and real and inspiring me to be a better version of my self for my kids, husband, friends and family 😘😘😘 you’re amazing.


Cannot wait till the next one!

Thank you again, I’m still buzzing xxx


Great Workshop!

If you want and need tools to manage the voices in your head, this workshop is the perfect one to go to. Heidi and Tracey tells it like it is, no holds bars. I have learnt how to tell the little voice in my head to STFU now.


Thank you so much for today!

It was soo amazing to be surrounded but such like minded amazing people! 😍😘❤ feeling truely inspired and ready to rock my new journey! xxx


Thank you so much for today!!

It was amazing! You girls were awesome and so encouraging! Loved it!


Thankyou for an amazing day

Such a fab group of ladies sharing and being so vulnerable. I loved the shit out of it


Thankyou so much for such a wonderful day

What started as going as a plus one to support my beautiful daughter @bellaparsonsfry ended up being so much more. As reluctant as I was initially to participate the love & rawness in that room was mind blowing!!! Am so grateful to have met such beautiful souls & I cannot wait for the next one