I love nothing more than cheering and pumping people up to live their best lives & reach their full potential.

If you’re feeling stuck & unmotivated? Then I am your gal.

If you’re standing in your own way or someone has got inside your head and told you, you’re not good enough? Then I am your gal.

If you need that push or confidence to take yourself and/or your biz to the next level, then hire me to be your cheerleader.

Before #mumlife, I worked in Public Relations, Marketing & Breakfast Radio as a host around the country, this was where I learnt a shit load about the media industry, people & myself. I also faced my demons head-on & began my self-love journey. I fell in love with helping others. People like you who just need a little support or guidance.

I’m all about the hype…

I LOVE watching people achieve their limitless goals by helping them unleash their passion. Coming from a background in Media, PR and Communications I offer a wide range of services.

  • Broadcaster
  • Self-Love & Mindset
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Collaborations
  • Events and Workshops
  • Creative Consulting & Ideas
  • Social Media Mentoring and Consulting
  • Business/Creative Brainstorming
  • Accountability Coach
  • Podcast Creator
  • Mentor

I would love to help you unlock your potential, personally or within your business.

Why Me?

I’m the P.R Queen 👸 with a very creative brain AND I have over 15 years’ experience in the Media Industry, so I know how the crazy beast works. My “little black book” has a few contacts in it too.

Hype Up My Business

If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone & take your business to the next level, then I am your gal.

I recently helped double my client’s income and saw her confidence explode online because she hired me to be her Hype Girl.

If you’re lacking a creative brain and the motivation to step outside the square, then you need to hire me.

If you need the confidence & the push, then get in touch.

Available Packages

Hype It Up (Kickstarter)

Six x 60 Minutes One-on-One Catch Ups & Unlimited Whatsapp Contact!
Via Zoom we will cover Ideas – Strategy – Coaching – Mindset and Confidence – Contacts – Collaborations

PLUS tips and tricks for social media, business ideas, brand awareness tips & ideas, PR ideas and mentoring.

or contact me for a one off 60 Minute Brainstorming Session!

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Some people are meant to inspire and share their story to help others, and that’s Heidi all over. We hosted a room full students, graduates and small business owners who were completely engaged from the minute she started talking. But the true indicator is always the length of the Q&A session, and if we let the audience go they would have held Heidi there overnight with everything they wanted to ask. Highly recommend Heidi to connect and inspire any room.

Kerri Allen

Guerrilla Establishment

She is real, relatable and brings a sweet mix of no BS and bang-on wisdom to all that she does. She has a brilliant way with words, is an incredible speaker and an amazing mentor for anyone wanting to start chasing and creating their dreams, just as she has. Working with Heids has helped me grow so much as a woman, coach and speaker, and she pushes me to aim higher for myself everyday. It is always such an honour to collaborate with Heidi, but an even bigger honour to learn from her, be mentored by her and watch her inspire thousands of women to step up too!

Tracey Spencer


A HUGE thanks to Heidi for presenting at our International Day of Disabilities, World Mental Health Day event. Our event sold out in the same day with around 100 staff attending. We have had excellent feedback. Her openness and honesty about her journey with anxiety inspired staff to be real about how they feel and have the conversation with either themselves or family, instead of struggling in silence.”

Fiona Peters

Edith Cowan University

How often do you get the talent doing all the legwork for a project? That’s what happens with Heidi – she goes above and beyond! Always has a smile on her face and genuinely enjoys what she does, nothing is ever too hard. Working together on a project that required Heidi to interview big name ‘Perthonalities’, she proved that she has the best network of contacts in the west, delivering some amazing talent. Young or old, sporty or arty, Heidi can crack a laugh with anyone she spends time with. Sometimes the crew (cameramen, lighting, sound techs) can find it monotonous going to work each day. Not with Heidi. And she gets the best out of people in her work on radio and TV, relaxes her guests – can go the humourous or serious side to deliver some killer content. Andrew Denton… look out

Mitch Cleary

Channel Nine

Heidi has done a number of projects at Ocean Keys Shopping Centre, including hosting a VIP fashion evening and filming a digital style series alongside the centre stylist. Both times Heidi has been a fantastic representation of ‘Real Women and Real Fashion’ and has kept our messaging and brand values on point. Heidi is always a true professional and brought fantastic energy and enthusiasm to the activity. You could see that she truly believed in the cause behind the activities which helped us deliver our message with authenticity. She is great at delivering on the brief, no matter the position she is placed in and is able to connect with a wide variety of audiences in our experience. We would highly recommend Heidi, she is a pleasure to work alongside.

Sharnee Vigors

Ocean Keys Shopping Centre

One of my fondest memories of Heidi was when I asked her if she would publicly speak about her negative body image and dealing with daily anxiety. Her answer at the time couldn’t be clearer: “hell no!”. However I knew this wouldn’t last for long. Having now had the privilege to work with Heidi in both small groups settings as well as large-scale events, I’ve seen her confidence, her talents and her abilities grow in front of my eyes. There are very few people who have Heidi’s natural-born skills of clear communication and empathic listening, while also keeping the conversation entertaining and engaging. I recommend Heidi as a spokesperson for any event.

Dr Katherine Iscoe

The School of Body Confidence

After hearing about Heidi’s plight with anxiety I reached out to Heidi about the Brain Wellness Spa and our emotional empowerment program because I knew I could help her break free from her anxiety and live a life no longer suffering from the debilitating effects that anxiety had on her life. Since experiencing the Emotional Empowerment Program and our Spa menu Heidi has become a great brand ambassador for the Brain Wellness Spa. The recognition and credibility that she has with her audience and her willingness to constantly promote our services has seen our business grow and prosper. Heidi has added so much more than credibility to our brand. Her deep love for what the brain wellness spa has to offer for people with mental illness has created such impact on other people’s lives that they too believe they can break free from their mental illness.

Terri Bowman

Brain Wellness Spa

We can’t wait to work with her again in the future. With over 25 speakers at our event Heidi was a standout! Her session was packed out and feedback from attendees showed her session was one of the top 3 favourites of the day!

Amy Radunz

Secrets In The Garden

A born leader who knows how to bring her a-game to everything she does. Our workshop completely sold out weeks in advance, and Heidi smashed through our organisational to-do list, dreaming up inspired new ideas and ticking off every task with energy and enthusiasm. In short, organising the event with Heidi was a dream. But even more fun was actually witnessing her in action at the workshop. Heidi’s personality lights up the room. Her no-BS style put everyone at ease and had our attendees raving afterwards. I highly recommend Heidi to bring out the best in every event and every attendee.

Rebecca Weller

Sexy Sobriety

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