$169.00 AUD

Heidi's Ultimate House Party

It's your turn to experience a morning in the life of Heidi Anderson.


This partay is like nothing you've ever seen before. 

But it's more than a party. It's your opportunity to deep dive headfirst into what it feels like to be Drunk On Confidence.

 This party starter to my very first official book launch.

I wanna celebrate with YOU by taking you on one hell of a ride.

 Together, we'll dive into the book and bring some of the chapters into life.

It's all about the bo, bubbles and ya fave bra!


Prepare yourself for the wildest fucking roller coaster of emotions you've ever been on.


⚠️ Strictly no refunds. If you cannot make it, we suggest that you resell your ticket or we can offer you a credit to put towards your next event.