This partay is like nothing you've ever seen before.

But it's more than a party. It's your opportunity to deep dive headfirst into what it feels like to be Drunk On Confidence.


This is the party starter to my very first official book launch.

I wanna celebrate with YOU by taking you on one hell of a ride.


Together we'll dive into the book and bring some of the chapters to life.

It's all about the book, the bubbles and ya fave bra!

Prepare yourself for the wildest fucking roller coaster of emotions you've ever been on.


My memoir hits bookstore shelves October 18 and to kick off my Aussie road trip book tour, I'm opening up my house for 3 hours so you can experience my world for ONE MORNING ONLY!


(Don't tell Griffo, he's gonna be in for a huge fucking surprise!)

And that's exactly what you'll walk away with after living it up at the ULTIMATE house partay!

🎉 Experiencing EVERY kinda feeling in ONE morning.

The LOLS, tears, fears, confidence, empowerment all while being scared AF, but happy to be there. You name'll FEEL IT!

🎉 Being your own BFF and Coach.

After a morning of inspo and fun, you'll walk away high on fucking life and with the skills you need to level up your self-care game.

🎉 Feeling so extra!

You wear what you want and don't give a fuck what anyone thinks. 

🎉 Speaking up and using your voice with less worry and anxiety.

You'll walk away Champagne Confident in yourself, start putting yourself first and not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks. 

🎉 Meeting your new BFF.

I'm all about building a community of like-minded legends, so if you're feeling lonely and ready to meet your new BFF, this is the place to do it.




For those of  you who hateee surprises (because let's be honest - coming along is totally stepping outside of your comfort zone!)


Here's what the morning will look like at Heidi's house:

Strut your stuff down the Walk of No Shame, where you'll be papped like a celebrity as you stroll the black carpet, completely and utterly Drunk On Confidence.
As you arrive, you'll start to feel ALIVE. The tunes will be pumping with our own personal DJ and your breakfast brunch will be served at the non-guilty pleasure bar (with a boozy or non-boozy bubbles welcome drink on arrival, plus 1 more to keep you going!) Extra bevs can be purchased at the bar. 
You'll be greeted with an EPIC HOUSE PARTAY welcome!
To get a feel for a day in the life of Heidi, I'll be doing a LIVE reading of a couple of the juiciest chapters in my book, Drunk On Confidence. You're going to be my first - not even Griffo or my mum has read it yet!
Meet one of my best mates & one of Perth's funniest fuckers - Matthew Landers (he matches my energy, LOLs & vibes) who'll be interviewing me exclusively. 
Matthew Landers is an icon, award-winning florist, legendary businessman  but also one of Perth's very first influencers, my personal comedian & one of the best blokes youu'll ever fucking meet. This is NOT to be missed...

My women's empowerment studio, where you can step outside your comfort zone, shed your shit and be photographed by one of Australia's best photographers Belle Verdiglione! How often do you avoid getting your photo taken?


I see you -  this is your chance to experience a women's empowerment shoot with your most confident self in my very own studio.

Get your cards read by Intuitive, astrologer and my soul sister, Courtney Hope Wilder.


She is an Intuitive Life & Business Coach, Tarot mentor, business astrologist, author, podcast host, part-mermaid, poetry lover, mumma, bestie to many, wife, heart-led soul centered boss babe and just a regular old human being.

Come and zen out in Dominique Fletcher's grounding energy where she will transport you back to your heart space with one of her beautiful guided meditations. Her voice is so yummy.


She is a nurturing coach guiding women to discover their inner balance, empowering them to deeply take care of themselves. She has been my loving support and reminder to come home to me. 

Mirror mirror on the wall. Leave a message of love, affirmation and/or inspiration to your sister on our very own "Drunk On Confidence Mirror".


When I started on my love and acceptance journey, one of the very first things I did was write messages to myself in the mirror everyday. My bestie soon joined in and we'd send each other love notes.

THEN... You're going to SMASH YOUR FEARS... like literally smash them!!


Using my unique and powerful Shed Your Shit method, you're going to physically shed your emotional and mental baggage, and re-take control. You'll be pushed into the unknown.


It's all about acceptance, compassion and changing your story by smashing our fears (with plates). Sister, I have a plate with your name on it.

We're going to SHED YOUR SHIT, in true Heidi Anderson style.


10 years ago, I started the Shed Your Shit Movement with a "let it go" swim in Bunbury while I was working on breakfast radio. I confessed (live on air) to 300,000+ listeners that I hated myself. Since then, the movement has seen 1000's of women shed their emotional baggage (and sometimes their clothes) declaring the world that they're ready to love and accept themselves. SOOO, since there isn't a beach at my house (workin' on it), we'll finish the morning with a Shed Your Shit dip in the pool (if you're game).


Swimmers and/or bra and undies are optional and there's absolutely NO PRESSURE to participate. If you're not quite ready, we'd love you to cheer us on from the sidelines and capture our crazy antics on camera!


It's time to stop telling yourself it's not possible... Because I'm about to prove to you that it is.


I'm bringing women (like you) together to face your demons head on... SHED YOUR SHIT & DRUNK ON CONFIDENCE (without the hangover)

3 hours of kick-ass, FULL ON, intense self-love work where you'll be put in the driver's seat to take control and become accountable for your emotional baggage.

3 hours of kick-ass, FULL ON self-love work where you'll be put in the driver's seat to take control and become accountable for your emotional baggage.

Powerful, confronting hands-on exercises that'll take you out of your comfort zone and turn your negative emotions into STRONG positives you'll use in everyday life. This will push you into uncomfortable places. you'll be stripping off in one of our workshops... down to your bra & undies - but please trust me, I've got you. 

A NEXT  LEVEL, self-love journey

HANDS-ON, intense discovery

ACTION TAKING & accountability


A kick-ass community of women who are ready to embark on the same journey as you

Delicious snacks & drinks... obviously

Grab your ticket to Perth's WILDEST HOUSE PARTAY for  Early Bird Price of $149! (till October 15 only)

10AM Sunday October 30th


✨ Entry into MY HOUSE with access to everything above (holy shitballs, that's priceless in itself)

✨ A signed copy of my memoir, Drunk On Confidence

✨ A welcome boozy or non-boozy bubbles on arrival PLUS 1 more to keep you going

✨ Non-guilty pleasure bar with A HUGE BRUNCH GRAZER & LOLLIE TABLE

✨ "WIN YOUR $$$ TICKET BACK" if you tag @_heidianderson on Insta to promote my book "Drunk On Confidence" and house party letting everyone know you are going, you will get a chance to win your $$$ ticket back (For Early Bird Tickets only)







Over the last 10 years, I've been educating myself through people, books, podcasts, mentors and coaches, working hard to overcome my demons. I once hated everything about myself; I had no confidence, and every day I woke up believing I wasn't good enough. 


It's taken me 10 years to get to where I am today, and I'll forever be a work in progress. But today, I can honestly tell you:

💖 I love myself

💖 I am confident

💖 I am beautiful


You don't need to be fixed... because you're not broken. 


I can't wait to support you and cheer you on your self-love journey.


💖 Heidi x