Life for me is a little different these days, I’m elbow deep in shitty nappies, spew and baby cuddles after the birth of my first baby Memphis.

While he sleeps or suckles on the boobie, I am madly typing chapters for my first book, creating self-love workshops and oversharing our new life as parents on our podcast, First-Time Parents.

Before #mumlife, I worked in breakfast radio as a host around the country (Perth, Newcastle, Bunbury, Bathurst) for ten years sharing too many stories from everyone else’s life!

Did you know? I am ALSO an anxious ball of mess, who loves a bottle of wine and meditates daily to keep the demons away. Six years ago, I discovered writing as a therapeutic tool, and I have been oversharing in my blog and online columns for publications since! I also spend a gross amount of time on social media doing the same.

Before this current life, I travelled to the UK and Europe, working in bars and PR. I studied PR and Communications at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst. I got busy most weekends killing my liver and silencing my inner voices with booze! I’ve done some crazy things along the way. Still, the wildest would’ve been in 2013 when I stepped into the Big Brother House…6 weeks later I was booted from the house and we’ll all of that didn’t really help with my anxiety!

It was 2010 when I was diagnosed with anxiety and began my lifelong recovery from the illness. It’s a daily struggle, but I’ve put together a strong support team and habit base that allow me to keep the demons silenced—mostly. Since announcing I was suffering from a mental illness on the radio (Woohoo, she’s crazy!), I have been working with other Aussie celebs to champion mental illness and body image causes through key-note speaking, social media and my workshops!

If you want to work together, I’d LOVE that…in between dirty nappies and baby cuddles obviously. Maybe I could speak at your next event? I am also currently taking one-on-one coaching clients for self-love, creative consulting and brainstorming.

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