The Love Yourself Revolution – Ocean Keys Shopping Centre


It’s also…
AND not giving a FUCK what people think!!!

Us gals were also shit scared, full of anxiety & worried about what people would say…

BUT we did it anyway…

WHY? Because this is living.

This is feeling all the feels & showing up as ourselves. For far too long, we’ve given away our power to strangers & today we put a STOP to that.

We celebrated ourselves for all our beauty, inside & out 💓and the crazy thing…once those sliding doors opened…it disappeared!

I’ve been on a self love journey, seeking inner peace ✌️ & today I became one step closer with these ladies.

I had never walked through a shopping centre in my bra & undies…I had been to many beach shoots over the years as I started to FREE myself from my demons BUT a shopping centre shoot, HELL NO.

Today we all stepped out of our comfort zones & celebrated US!!!

We got cheers, tears & high fives 🖐 & it was by far one of the most liberating experiences of my life.

I have spent 1000s of $$$ being coached by mentors, reading books & listening to endless podcasts but doing this kind of stuff, sheds years of shit in such a short moment of time 🎉

My squad inspired me today ❤️💓👯‍♀️ they showed up in their power & stripped off for themselves. Today was about saying “UP YOURS” to bull shit beauty standards & negative body image & these women fucking slayed
@rainbow77fairy @jazmeeni @just_give_me_vodka @msgibson83
@roseoates_ @beckyfelstead @alanamc19998  @taylagolesworthy

This is loving & accepting YOU as YOU & I am PROUD 👯‍♀️

Fuck judgment. That’s not your shit. Stop wasting your life worrying about what others think of you. You get one life, that’s it.

I know what I’d choose.

FREEDOM every time.

If you want this too, join my squad of like minded legends on October 10 for my next Shed Your Shit event The Love Yourself Revolution – click here 🎉💓

Massive massive love to Chelsea my gal @flissandco for always believing & supporting my vision, she captures the beauty of everyone from the inside out. Huge love to @ocean_keys for supporting my mission of people shedding their emotional baggage #shedyourshit

Xx H

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