The Baby Products We Couldn’t Live Without

I have been asked so many times to put together my list of baby items, we couldn’t live without and now 8 months after Memphis was born, I have the list for YOU.

We have been lucky enough to be gifted some of these and we also found Facebook market place to be a gold mine. If money is tight for you or you love a bargain like my hubby then get on the second-hand train. We found our pram a City mini GT Baby Jogger online second hand for 250 bucks and the tyres still had tread on them. Just last week, I bought a baby walker for $2! I know WTF!? I am now Queen of the bargain, thanks to my hubby.

We spoke about our list this week on our Podcast First Time Parents, here are our 11 must-have baby items.

1. Ergo Baby Carrier. We USE every day & couldn’t live without. THANK YOU ergobaby.

Ergo Baby Downunder

2. Love to Dream Swaddle – Memphis bloody loved this before he started rolling around the cot.

Love to Dream Australia

3. The Wool Store Sleeping Bag – best baby present. He can sleep in it until he is TWO & use ALL year around.

4. This amazing little invention is a game-changer, the sunbed for the bathtub. He lays back & it saves the wrist from carpal tunnel & LOVES the lay back.

5. SPECTRA BOOBIE PUMP. Gifted second hand by a friend. We tried two pumps before this and were shithouse. THIS ONE has the best suction EVER.

Spectra Baby

6. Cocoonababy – HOLY SHIT this with the LOVE to Dream swaddle and Memphis was an angel sleeper until the 4-month regression.


7. Little Chomps raincoat (FOOD COAT) for eating. Best invention EVER.

Little Chomps

8. My baby device handheld traveller for white noise and lullabies. Life-changing for walks.

Homedics Australia

9. Your Milk Mate or Haaka. The boobie milk catcher. Baby on one boob, milk catcher on the other.

Milk Mate Australia

10. Feeding Friend self-inflatable breast/bottle feeding pillow. My new breast friend. I loved this so much & used it 20 times a day. Brilliant invention by a fellow Mumma.

Feeding Friend

11. Fifty dollars, second-hand Fisher & Paykel Jumperoo. Memphis fav thing to do.

EP 35 – The 10 baby products we couldn’t live without

We have put together a list of baby items that we couldn’t live without and have been a game changer for us as First Time Parents.

If you’re a first time parent or newly pregnant, this LIST is made for YOU.

What have we missed? What was is your baby must-have?

Big LOVE x

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