Letting Go of Who I Was


Thank you to all these gorgeous souls who rocked up to my very first FREE event to SHED THEIR SHIT.⁣

So many of us carry around baggage, whether it’s past or current relationships, the relationship we have with ourselves, food, mental health, body demons etc AND sometimes we need to come together with like minded people & share our vulnerabilities to let them go or as I like to say, “SHED OUR SHIT”.⁣

This swim signified a new beginning NOT just for these legends but for me too.⁣

My identity has for a very long time, been associated with past jobs…so as I trust in the process & the universe taking me into the next phase of my life, I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to these amazing souls, for sharing this moment with me.

I did something similar in Bunbury over 8 years ago & it was the start of my self-love journey…I am still a work in progress but I am no where near the person I let go of that day 8 years ago. It takes work & I want to be apart of their journey to help them get to a place that they can feel happy 😀 & love the shit out of themselves because life is sooooo short.

These women showed up. Mostly strangers, & they held each other’s hands & let go of all the shit they individually needed to.

What a glorious moment. I am so proud of all of them & grateful to be in their presence.

A massive thank you to Chelsea for snapping away for our sunset photoshoot @flissandco we can’t wait to show you the pics!

Mel @twistingpeacockyoga did our meditation 🧘 my bestie since we were 7, always shows up & is my number 1 fan.

And lastly to ALL of you, you rock! I love you x

Ps there will be more FREE events like this to come 🥰 in the mean time check out my workshops or send me an email to join the wait list heidi@realheidi.com xxx

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