My Little Love Heart

When I found out I was pregnant I did a bunch of research.

‘How many nappies does a baby use a day?’

‘What are the best baby wipes?’

‘What will my baby use daily?’ 

To be honest with you, I was clueless. The baby market is soooo huge, it’s so easy to get lost and confused.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to support as many Perth small businesses as possible. I always find products made by small businesses to be much better quality, you can feel the love that has been injected into each item and you can find much more unique products when shopping locally.

When searching for bibs and burp cloths I came across My Little Love Heart, owned by Perth mama Luisa. After her daughter Natalia developed reflux, she would have painful and large vomits after feeding. She found they were going through so many bibs and burp cloths yet couldn’t find any decent ones. This was the moment that Luisa knew she had to make her own stylish and absorbent burp cloths and My Little Love Heart was born.

We’re so passionate about quality designs that we have collaborated with local designers to produce a fabric exclusively for us.

So, first, did you know there are SOOO many different types of bibs? Like so many! I was shocked because it only wipes up vomit and stops dribble, right? These days bibs are a fashion statement and some companies focus more on the style and less on the absorbency of the bib itself and what’s the point of a bib that does nothing haha

The bibs at My Little Love Heart are all super absorbent, made with 100% cotton these bibs will keep your baby dry so you don’t have to worry about spoiling that cute outfit you just put them in.

I never knew how much of a bib Nazi I was until I tried My Little Love Heart bibs HAHA. They come with not one but TWO snap fasteners and for babies who need a little extra tightness, it makes for a great addition. The snap fasteners are great, I find that Velcro bibs are soooo easy for babies to pull off. Shop My Little Love Heart bibs here

After Logan has a feed and I’m burping him, he ALWAYS seems to spit up and when he is over my shoulder, I’m bound to get covered in spit-up, so I tried the burp cloths, suitable for a newborn baby through to 1 year and OH MY! The fabric alone is the softest I have ever felt and just like the bibs super duper absorbent. I love that the fabric isn’t scratchy when I throw it over my shoulder, I don’t have to worry about it rubbing up against my neck and irritating, or worse cause Logan any irritation.

The cloth on the front is 100% cotton and the back is Terry cotton & bamboo. They are so handy and stylish, I love the patterns and fabrics, suddenly burping, which is my least favourite baby job is kinda fun HAHA. These make for the perfect addition to a baby shower gift; new mums will love how versatile they are and how easy they are to throw into the baby bag.

Some of the burb cloth designs are exclusive to My Little Love Heart,

In conjunction with some Western Australian designers, we have developed four prints that are exclusive to us. these include the Flamingos, Cactus, Whales and Bird Perch prints. All four designs look stunning on our burping cloths and are extremely happy with the prints the graphic artists have produced for us.

 My Little Love Heart burp cloths here

My Little Love Heart also hand-make and sell hair accessories for little girls, which includes baby headbands, baby top knots and hair bows. If you’re addicted to scrunchies like me, you can match with your baby!

Baby teethers are also available and are eco-friendly, made from sustainable materials, the baby teethers are a natural alternative. The organic wooden teethers anti-bacterial properties are perfect for your little one to chew on and also come in super cute designs so everything can be matching.

I highly recommend checking out My Little Love Heart and supporting local if you are a new mama. Add a few bibs and burp cloths to your shopping list or better yet, your baby shower registry.

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