First Time Parents Podcast Series

first time parents

First Time Parents is an unedited, unfiltered podcast about a newly married couple (Heidi Anderson breakfast radio host & Sparky James “Griffo” Griffiths from Perth, Western Australia) as we tackle parenthood for the very first time, in all its shitty & glorious moments.

Intro – Meet The Parents

Meet the First Time Parents.

Heidi & Griffo from Perth, Western Australia are about to have their first baby…they’ve decided to document the entire first year in an unedited, real, raw account of parenthood.

At 40 weeks pregnant and ready to pop…any day now, they wanted to introduce themselves and give you a little taste of what you have to look forward to.

EP 1 – Our Birth Story

We finally had our baby!

AND…nothing went to plan during the labour.

In this ep, we speak about what happened during the labour and what it was like to meet our baby for the very first time!

EP 2 The BABY Bubble – Our First Few Weeks as First Time Parents

*WARNING this ep was recorded on barely any sleep & baby brain. Our mission is to document our journey in raw & unedited fashion & today there is a fair few F*cks & shits thrown around.

We delve into the first few weeks of being parents, sleep deprivation, perfection as parents, baby blues & ALL the glorious moments being a first-time parent brings.

EP 3 – Baby blues are the real deal, for women and men!

We had a big fight!

Both sleep deprived…AND we both said some things that we shouldn’t have! So, we debrief our fight, and it’s very raw.

In this episode, we also discuss the baby blues & how it has affected both of us over the past month, from anxiety to loss of identity.

EP 4 – TEN Things we’ve learnt since becoming parents!

This EP is ALL about tips & things we’ve learnt since becoming parents. We delve into everything we’ve discovered & learnt so far.

EP 5 – We did it, we had sex!

We debrief our first time having sex since having a baby! Throughout pregnancy, Heidi struggled with intimacy, and in this episode, they both get honest with how it made them both feel. A candid account of intimacy between these first-time parents…

EP 6 – A Trip to the hospital!

This ep is a little different, while Griffo (hubby) is at work, Heidi sits down with her Mum to chat about the emergency trip to the hospital & the comment Heidi’s Mum made outside the hospital, “Welcome to motherhood”. They delve into the anxiety, shame & judgment they both felt in this moment.

EP 7 – Dad goes back to work

In this episode, the First Time Parents discuss their new roles as parents; Heidi the stay at home Mum & Griffo the “breadwinner”.

EP 8 – Life as a stay at home Mum

In this ep, Griffo asks Heidi a bunch of questions about parenthood and how she is finding being a stay at home Mum. They delve into her anxieties about leaving work in radio, her confidence as a new Mum and the most challenging part of being a parent. It’s one juicy ep!

EP 9 – First-time Mum is diagnosed with epilepsy only weeks after the birth of her son

Heidi went for a cuppa with her friend Tayla and spontaneously recorded their chat about Tayla’s story. Just weeks after having her first baby, Tayla had a seizure that left her unconscious on the kitchen floor. Tayla cannot hold her baby for long periods, drive or bath her baby. Her story is inspiring.

EP 10 – Dad has a shitty week and doesn’t love coming home to a crying baby

Heidi surprises Griff with the recording of this ep, to chat about his relationship with baby Memphis, as he has been struggling the last few weeks. Griff opens up about the struggle of coming home to a crying baby and a Mum who desperately needs an adult convo. The first-time parents dive into their fight, their parenting techniques and the struggle of a clingy baby in his 8-week leap!

EP 11 – First-time Mum is anxious about joining Mother’s Group

Heidi was really anxious about Mother’s Group & was hesitant to join at first. BUT in the end she joined a group & LOVES it – this chat is all about the anxiety leading up to it & how she feels now & what its all about.

EP 12 – Would you eat your placenta?

First-time mum Heidi decided to eat her placenta after the birth of her first child (In pill form). In this ep Heidi chats to Midwife Mel who is the creator & owner of Pure Placenta. They cover everything you want to know about turning a body organ into a pill & why so many women are choosing to eat their placenta, even when the health organisation is telling you not to. No questions are off limits.

EP 13 – Mum Guilt is REAL!

Mum Guilt is the real deal! Heidi delves deep into the guilt she has experienced leaving baby Memphis, the feeling of angst, anxiety and sadness. This EP you don’t want to miss, if you are a parent, get your ears around it.

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