National Treasures

Have you ever thought about helping your school, contributing to your child’s future and making a difference but don’t know how? A student & sister trio from Perth have come together to create the ultimate idea.

Funding for schools can be difficult, spending money is tight and when it comes to your child’s education why wouldn’t you want them to have the best of the best? And lets face it kids are always looking for the best most exciting sports equipment or technology.

National Treasures is giving schools around Australia the chance to win 5K, that’s right, FIVE thousand dollars and all you need to do is get your school registered and build a Christmas tree.

Using teamwork, schools will create and build a tree as small or as large as they can. Children’s imagination can run wild as they work together to plan, construct and decorate a festive Christmas tree.

Registering your school at will put you in the running to win the 5k, then all you need to do it get building. You have the choice to decide whether you enter as a class, school or a reward for students excelling. You also have complete creative control when it comes to the design and structure of your creation. Please build a tree with as much imagination and materials as possible.

Just by entering your school you will go into the draw to win a sporting pack worth $500. Ballajura Community College has just been awarded the first gift pack. Family and friends have the chance to vote for their favourite trees by downloading the National Treasures app, available through Apple and Android app stores. Voting commences July 6th.

National Treasures will change lives by building connections in families and communities while providing marketing opportunities for businesses in a truly unique virtual platform.



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