Spiritual Health – The Forgotten Practices

I am Bec, a busy mum of three children under 5 years old, founder and creator of ishk jewels, and spiritual coach to many.

I have always recognised the importance of our spiritual health and how it affects our mental health, but sometimes, as we all do, I get caught up in this fast-paced, demanding earthly world called life. 

I was born with a “knowingness” and just assumed everybody practiced the same little rituals or habits that I did when I felt stressed, overwhelmed, indecisive or even anxious.

I birthed ishk jewels to share with the world the importance of our spiritual health and how it feeds into our mental, emotional and physical being.

Our souls need to be fed, they deserve to be treated with compassion, love, affection, gratitude and allowed to soar so we can accomplish what we came here to do.

I noticed how prevalent depression and anxiety had become amongst my group of friends, my circles, my family – it is everywhere.

Which made me question – why ?

Has life become so fast paced that we have forgotten our roots, the simple tools, rituals and practices that are available to us whenever we want to use them.

Anxiety is usually the state of mind where our thoughts have consumed us, where we have racing constant thoughts that worry about the future too much or focus too far back on the past and analyse every detail we could have changed or done differently.

But Imagine, for one moment… just a moment, if we could live every day of our lives in the present moment.

The feeling of being present and living for the moment right now is pure bliss, it’s what our souls are born to do. To enjoy what is happening NOW. To soak up what you are doing at that very moment. To feel the joy we are entitled to feel.

When we are present, we are living our true purpose and when we are living our true purpose, we live in “flow and momentum” with no resistance, with no hurdles, just going with the moment and allowing the path to unfold before us. To be present, we must be in good spiritual health and trust me when I say, society has neglected this aspect of us.

To be present, we can practice mindfulness in the form of meditation, yoga or even exercise if you prefer walking, running, boxing – whatever it may be.

My favourite meditation app is insight timer “be present” or “grounding” meditations or there is an amazing meditation and mindfulness centre in Perth called centrespace.

Grounding is a very powerful practice that also helps our soul to feel connected with our body and mind so that we are “as one”.

You can practice grounding by fully immersing yourself in nature, going on a bush walk, laying on the grass and looking at the sky – watching the clouds, the stars, smelling the air and taking it all in around you, really soaking every element up.

Take off your shoes and connect with the earth, feel the warmth of the dirt beneath your feet, feel the shift and change in Mindset as you connect with nature. This can be as simple as going into the garden and playing with the plants or flowers.

Release your inner child, go down a slide, swing on a swing, build a sand castle.

I know these things sound so simple – and really they are. These things have been available to us the entire time, they are the things we have “forgotten” because of phones, tablets, iPads, TVs, money, technology, material possessions, high powered jobs.

And although these little rituals may seem obvious, many of us have forgotten our true selves and the power of mindfulness, grounding and release.

After all, have you ever seen an anxious baby or child, unless they have taken the weight of the adult world upon their shoulders?

I hope this calls your soul to action and awakens the minds from her internal slumber.

I offer guidance and tuition on @ishkjewels Instagram stories and highlights. Workshops are coming soon.

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