West Coast Walk for the Kids

Australia’s own Taryn Brumfitt, founder of the Body Image Movement and Director of the documentary Embrace, will run the 42km Adelaide marathon on Sunday 26th May in order to raise funds for her second Embrace documentary: this one for the classrooms and the hearts of the next generation.

The film, for children between 8 and 12 years old, will be given to schools around the world as a free educational and inspirational resource to encourage this next generation to embrace their bodies.

And Taryn won’t be running alone. Embrace supporters from all over the world will unite to run for their children, their inner children, and for love.

Here in Perth, four body image ambassadors and health practitioners are embracing the movement with their West Coast Walk for the Kids event in support of Taryn’s cause.

On the same day Taryn runs her marathon, Sabine, Melanie, Eloise and Emily will lead a 4km walk from Woodman Point Jetty (approx. 20km south of Perth in the City of Cockburn) to the Coogee Beach Café and back.

To take part the girls simply ask that a minimum $10 donation is made directly to Taryn’s GoFund Me page.

Sabine McKenzie

“With my own experiences of disordered behaviours and poor body image as a teenager my passion lies in helping to instil a worth-beyond-image mentality amongst women. The Embrace Documentary and Tarryn Brumfitt’s Body Image Movement saw body image get thrown in the limelight, and I was beyond excited that people were finally having the conversations that move us away from the negative thoughts and disordered behaviours that have been normalized in our society for far too long. As the creator of teen Body Esteem Prevention program ‘Core Confidence’, the Kids Embrace documentary is a much-needed resource that will create real change in how our future generations see themselves.

“Body acceptance was an integral part of my recovery journey but there’s nothing I wish more than to have learnt those lessons before suffering with an Eating Disorder.”

Melanie Edge

I’m Melanie, otherwise known as ‘Lion Fox & Co.’. I am a photographer for women and lead the Movement known as #loveyourdamnself.

Poor body image has been a cycle that has followed me for the last 15 years. But it wasn’t until I gave birth to my first and only daughter (after having two boys) that it finally occurred to me that I had and will likely set a terrible example for her. From the self-loathing to the inability to take a compliment.

Since this mindset change of loving me, I am slowly developing a different opinion of myself – it’s like I am seeing a different person in the mirror, even though I am physically the same. Even though the stretch marks, the baby belly, the melanin that has caused my freckles to darken, the double chin… I really like what this body has done for me.

With the right mindset, which is why #loveyourdamnself exists, positive body image will no doubt fall into place.”

Eloise Pickard

I’m El from ‘Epic By El Fitness & Wellbeing’. I have a huge passion for helping women to feel happier and stronger in their own bodies and minds. I believe that exercise plays a huge part in helping women mentally, as it’s helped me with my personal anxiety struggles over the years. I have a holistic and supportive approach to working with all my clients, and I hope that what I do inspires them.

This walk means so much to me because I believe that by educating and building stronger children from a young age, we will hopefully start to normalise that we don’t all have the one-size-fits-all body shape, and that being different is beautiful and unique…and we should totally embrace it!”

Emily Bathgate

When I was younger, self-esteem was a daily battle for me. I was at an all girls’ school with acne, braces, anxiety and depression, and I can quite safely say that I hated myself.

As I grew into adulthood, I started to realise that I wanted my life to be full of the knowledge I need to implement, live and love the healthiest, happiest life possible. I want to be able to control my future; to grasp my health in both of my hands, empowered, and make it brilliant. And I don’t want all of the above for just myself, but I’d love that for every other woman out there too – young girls and adults alike. I guess, in short, that’s why I do what I do, and why I love it so much; I’m now a qualified naturopath, holistic skin expert, women’s health coach, and self-love ambassador.

This walk and movement – and the art of embracing ourselves in itself – are so important for this next generation, and for those to come.

Whether you join the West Coast Walk for the Kids on Sunday 26th, or run around your local park, or walk or run to the shop down the road, #embracekidsdocumentary and donate to Taryn’s cause.

The West Coast Walk

Woodman Point Jetty
9:30am (9:15am arrival)
Sunday 26
th May

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This event has not been organised by Taryn Brumfitt or The Body Image Movement. This event is not affiliated with any organisations. The organisers of the event assume no responsibility or liability for any participants.

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