He Slept With My Best Friend

My dating life is actually a joke. It’s all there in the title of this article.

I pride myself in being a pretty chill person. I don’t expect a lot from a man, I don’t expect a full blown commitment, but fuck me why do they tell me everything I want to hear, when they don’t mean it?! Further, why do I believe everything men tell me? Could I be any dumber?

So I started hanging with this guy, let’s call him Reynolds, nothing too serious, it was a pretty fresh thing. But good old Reynolds told me he wanted to wake up to someone every day, and he wanted to see where things go with me. He openly told me he deleted Tinder and was looking for something more meaningful.

Stupidly, I believed him. I myself did not delete Tinder, I am a slow burner and don’t think these things should ever be rushed.

We had plans to spend time together over the weekend, but my drunk self was too hung-over to do anything.

Let’s fast forward to Monday morning. I am talking to one of my besties, and about how her weekend went. She is telling me about this guy who came to her house and rocked her world. Sexual fantasies were fulfilled, they had a shower, he kissed her bye and left. He then deleted her off Tinder, and that was that. A classic one-night stand.

We were giggling about her night, and how fun one-nighters can be. She then told me his name and my stomach flipped. No, it couldn’t be. Perth can’t be that small surely… but it’s not a common name, and in my heart I knew.

She showed me a photo and I nearly spewed. It was him. The guy who had been in my bed two days before, had been in my best friend’s bed soon after. You’d think it couldn’t get worse than you and your best friend sleeping with the same guy, but fuck me it gets even more repulsive.

I have him on social media and my bestie is all over my page. Not to mention, we have the exact same Tinder profile photo, so he swiped knowing that we were friends. It’s like it was one big game to him. I bet he was thinking “I wonder if I can bag two friends in the same week.” Writing this I feel nauseous. I don’t care who he sleeps with, but did he have to knowingly sleep with my best mate? How sick can someone be?

The worst part about this is my friendship has a small fracture in it. We can’t even discuss the situation because we feel that sick about it. How do we even move past it? We are trying to laugh about how sad and sick his life must be to do this to us, but deep down we are both embarrassed that we slept with him. How sad that a man has done this to our friendship.

Let me tell you, it’s lucky he has flown out to work, because the only thing worse than scorning a woman, is scorning a woman and her best friend. The combination is lethal.

J’baby, if you’re reading this know that no man will EVER tear us apart and we will laugh about this.

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