International Women’s Day – Why Wait Till the 8th?

March 8th has always been an extremely important day in my life. As a young woman in business, I have faced adversity and challenges that I couldn’t have imagined. So, for me March 8th is far more than International Women’s Day it’s a day where society unites in celebration of the amazing women that have challenged the status quo and fought for our rights. March 8th makes me proud to be a woman, however I know we still have so much left to fight for.

When launching my cosmetics company, The Quick Flick, I knew I wanted to use our voice to promote change. We wouldn’t be just another makeup brand, I wanted to use our voice to challenge stereotypes and promote empowerment.

Recently when I was approached by Perth charity, Momentum for Australia with staggering statistics on domestic violence against women, I knew I needed to use our platform to promote change.

Did you know that violence is the leading cause of death, illness and disability of Australian women aged 15-44?

Did you also know a woman is killed almost every week in Australia by a male partner or ex-partner?

I don’t know about you, but these statistics make me feel sick. That’s why The Quick Flick is joining the battle to help end violence against women and we want you to join us.

Because let’s face it, ​Why Wait Till the 8th?

Why should we dedicate only one day to discussing domestic violence against women? We believe that we’ll never see change if we only dedicate one day to the cause, it needs to be a constant discussion.

To support this cause, The Quick Flick has partnered with Momentum for Australia to help end domestic violence against women. We will be devoting all our social media channels to raising awareness about the prevalence of violence against women. We want all women to know they are not alone and that we are dedicated to helping them find their voice.

Further to this, for the month of March, The Quick Flick will also be donating 10% of all profits to the Momentum for Australia Charity to help end violence against women.

If we can help one person through this campaign, then in our eyes it will be a success.

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