I Don’t Feel in Control of My Life Right Now!

”Look at your arms & how fat they are”
“Your back is so disgusting & the fat rolls over your bra are hideous!” ✨

These are some of the things I have been saying to myself since I’ve been back from our Honeymoon! It’s only when I see it in writing, I hear how awful this sounds!
My obsession over exercise & food & my body demons have been fierce & rearing their heads everyday!

That little voice in my head is being incredibly critical of every choice I’m making! My motivation since I’ve been home has been minimal & I have felt lost & not like me at all.

Sooooo I reached out to my friend @dr_katherine who has played an integral role in helping with my mindset in the past…She told me to come right in! We sat in her beautiful pink office yesterday & I poured my heart out when a light bulb went off…

Kat’s a #bodyconfidenceexpert who has years of experience, research & degrees behind her!!!

I was telling her how I felt lost, I didn’t know who I was anymore, my identity was being questioned…by me and I didn’t really know what I wanted to achieve or do this year! I was questioning a few big things in my life…obviously not my husband or my job just in case any of you were thinking that.

She looked at me & said “Babe your feeling lost & not in control of your life, that’s why you’re trying to control your food & exercise.”
It’s something to obsess over, so I don’t have to think about the other stuff. Today I feel so much relief, she was right! Now I had got those thoughts off my chest, they’ve stopped eating me up & I honestly felt lighter today!

In Kat’s words “You’re sitting on the back of the bus right now, not knowing where to go. Jump back in the drivers seat & explore life.” Her approach that she teaches is incredible, she refers to it as the iceberg…the food & the exercise for me is what’s going on externally but what’s going on inside is what really needs addressing & that for me is to accept that it’s ok, that I am unmotivated at the moment & am a little lost with what goals I want to personally achieve!

If this is you…It’s OK to not know who YOU are right now! Just enjoy the journey.

xx Heidi

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