MENTAL HEALTH Does NOT Discriminate

Last week I received a message from someone who said, I only talked about my struggles for radio ratings & if you look at my life how could I be struggling? I was so damn offended because if you know me well, I choose now to open about it because I don’t want the silent sufferers to think they are alone because that was ME for years ❤️

Yes I do speak out about #anxiety because I truly hope that one day the stigma will STOP, BUT after that comment I realised how far we have to go.

LETS GET REAL for a sec because you know what, you do see a lot of JOY on my socials because I really am blessed with a great job, hubby, family & friends…so I shouldn’t really have anxiety? Should I?
FUCK me, if I could choose to not have it, I would! It’s a BITCH & the way it consumes me, my friends, family, my hubby & my life sometimes is sooooo draining!

I have a chemical imbalance & SHOULD be medicated but because of personal reasons I choose NOT to medicate & sometimes that’s a real struggle BUT I don’t post on here about every panic attack, anxious thought or feeling I have because I don’t want to be defined by my mental health!!!

I had an amazing time on my honeymoon but I struggled BIG time with drinking & eating & it caused my anxiety to SKY ROCKET at times! I get anxious when I don’t have a routine, I need to know I can get to the gym & make healthy food choices or I am a mess & this happened to me on our cruise.

I know it sounds crazy because most people can’t wait to let loose on holidays, well I am the opposite.

On a daily basis I question conversations I have with people, I question myself & I tend to obsess over EVERYTHING!!! This can consume me on occasions!!!

My self-care rituals & routines DONT always work so it can be really tough & YES at times I want the magic pill!

SO please remember mental health issues DO NOT discriminate.
Just remember EVERYONE is fighting their own battle, BE kind.

xx Heidi

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