Let’s Scratch “New Year, New Me”

Story By Caitlin Paroczai

It is entirely possible that we send mixed messages on social media. We preach about self-love and acceptance but encourage the concept of becoming someone new when 1st January rolls around.

What does New Me even mean? It feels like a slap I the face. Was the old me not good enough, so much so that I have to throw her away?

Do not get me wrong, I understand why the concept has become entrenched in the system. As humans in the digital age, we are constantly seeking something more. For our lives to be completely fulfilled. Our adventures to be greater. Are there days where I sit and think… jeez I’d like to be someone else, of course. In fact, I would be surprised if you, the person reading this, hadn’t had that thought cross your mind before.

But here lies the indisputable problem. In the endless noise of motivational messages, the fact that we are enough gets lost in translation. We need to consistently and ruthlessly advocate that we are enough.

Think about your life. Think about all the trials, tests and challenges you have been through. You survived them. You have already got yourself this far, kid. Sure, there is always room for further self-development, learning and growth, but you are doing just fine.

So, let me re-phrase the phrase. What about New Year, New Opportunity?

Instead of advocating that we need to become someone completely different, how about we view the new year as an opportunity to create meaningful and lasting change?

This probably means something different to each individual. Perhaps it means setting small, achievable goals that are going to help improve your mindset, or simply not eating chocolate cake for breakfast (me).

Not only is the new year an opportunity for enriching self-development, but it is also an opportunity to make new memories. Maybe you are getting married or planning on wreaking some havoc with your friends.

Think about it like this:

  1. In 2019, I have the opportunity to set some goals.
  2. In 2019, I have the opportunity to build greater relationships.
  3. In 2019, I have the opportunity to focus on my health.

The common denominator here is creating new opportunities is totally in your control. By saying New Year, New Opportunity, you are automatically opening yourself up to a world of possibility. We are all fundamentally who we are. Why waste time striving towards the unattainable goal of being a completely different person?

Look, I am completely aware that I am scrutinising this whole thing a lot. However, I just strongly believe in ensuring that the messages we send in the media are positive, realistic and achievable.

What opportunities are you going to take this year?

xo Caitlin

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