Message for Friday 7 December

Story By Jules

Embrace Change, Embrace staying the same. Just embrace.

There is a time and place for everything.

The nicest thing we can do for ourselves is to embrace whatever is taking place.

If change, evolvement and lots going on is part of your life right now…


If you are doing the same old, and everything feels much the same…


Our lives, our evolvement, comes in ebbs and flows.

Sometimes we are changing and growing so much, it is crazy.

And other times there’s now a whole lot going on at all.

The beauty about being human, is we get to experience this and everything in between.

As a human, we sometimes need that rest that comes before the next peak. For us to recalibrate, to ease the rush, to simply just be.

You are not being lazy, or not wanting things enough. Sometimes your body, mind and spirit simply knows that it needs a time out.

If you are actively being shown signs, nudges and the start of something next level – don’t ignore it! Up you get again.

As long as you embrace, there is no right or wrong, there simply just is.

Your affirmation for today

I simply embrace”

Aria-Bella Rises

Aria-Bella Rises

Website: Yellow Wolf Enlightenment

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