15 Signs You Aren’t a Very Tolerant Person… but That’s Okay

Story By Caitlin Paroczai

“I have extremely limited tolerance for people,” I told my friend on the weekend. Let’s call her Jane.

Jane appeared pleasantly surprised. Apparently she does not have much tolerance for people either. Well, don’t we feel like a couple of positive, loving humans.

This lack of tolerance is perfectly justifiable though, in my opinion. When you have not been particularly good at picking out your friends, only to have them let you down many times, your tolerance simply wears thin. It is a self-protective mechanism.

For example, if someone does something to piss me off a couple of times… I say bye-bye. Whether that is for a week, a month, a year or forever, I don’t know. But I just cannot deal. When a pattern of being disappointed by people develops in your life, you have to find a way to cope. This is my way of coping.

While my lack of tolerance seems to relate more to relationships with others, Jane has an extremely low tolerance for people who lack common sense. Remember at school when your teacher told you there is no such thing as a dumb question? Jane blatantly disagrees. There most certainly is.

Although the things we cannot tolerate are different, Jane and I came to the same, horrifying conclusion.

We are not very tolerant people

Awh man… does that make us bad humans? I don’t know. But there must be more of us out there! To make us all feel better, I have compiled a list of things people with low tolerance levels do.

  1. You do not suffer fools. In other words, you have very little patience for people who you think have stupid ideas.
  2. Then you get annoyed at yourself for thinking there is such a thing as a stupid idea.
  3. You beat yourself up about being intolerant of others. Why can’t I just be nicer? Why can’t I be more patient? Why am I like this?!
  4. You probably have a small circle of friends. Because let’s face it, people annoy you a lot.
  5. You know that you are not perfect by any means, but this does not stop you from being intolerant.
  6. Constructive criticism comes out as being, well, criticism.
  7. You cannot handle someone asking you a basic question when they could just google it.
  8. Your responses are sometimes so sassy that you surprise yourself.
  9. Once someone does one thing to annoy you… they start doing many things to annoy you.
  10. You question what people think about you.
  11. After calling someone out for something, you realise you have probably overreacted.
  12. You push people away when they let you down instead of communicating with them.
  13. You spend a great deal of time trying to positively affirm yourself and others.
  14. Witnessing tolerant people let themselves be treated badly is actually distressing to you.
  15. Although you might not be very tolerant of people, you are actually a very empathetic person.

What can’t you tolerate?

xo Caitlin

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