Themed Parties: Yay or Nay?

I want to start off with this question… Who in their right mind thinks theming their party is a good idea?

I have been to three different parties, within a week of each other, all with a theme. All with a DIFFERENT theme!?

I completely understand that when everyone commits to the theme, the photos and event is great. However, there are always those select few who, who don’t commit and ruin the whole day.

The other issue with themes is it always seems to cost guests MORE because more often than not, people don’t normally have a lion costume in their wardrobe fit for an animal themed party.

I’m going to outline the last three events I went to and you can decide if I am being totally unreasonable or if themed parties should actually be banned.

Party #1

I am going to start with this one because it happens to be my best friend Amy’s 21st. Now there are a few issues with this party that I went to. For starters, it was in September, the weather was up and down, more often than not it was raining and cold, and the season fashion colours were pastel.

So Amy, smartly, decided that she wanted a high tea, outside, sitting on cushions, in cocktail. Now as if this isn’t ridiculous enough, bright colours were a must. Who the fuck has bright coloured cocktail attire appropriate for 2 in the afternoon, and comfortable to sit on a fucking cushion?!

There’s not much more to say about this ridiculous idea, apart from the fact I spent hours at the shops, trying to find colour, because again pastel was in, and a dress comfortable enough to sit on the floor in for 4 hours.

Eventually I got there, it’s a dress I will never wear again, was expensive, and has grass stains all over it. Amy if you’re reading this, I forbid you from ever choosing a theme for your birthday ever again.

Party #2

This party theme was actually kind of fun. The theme was BDSM. I had to Google what this actually was (Bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism). Look I don’t know what half these mean, but think Fifty Shades of Grey but 50 times darker (haha get it?) I of course, don’t have anything remotely appropriate in my closet for this kind of thing so had to group text my girlfriends and borrow some of their interesting lingerie.

I didn’t go all out, purely because I am not confident/comfortable enough to do so, which in this case I think is fair. There were people wearing nipple clamps, leather, and high heels, walking around whipping people. It was an interesting night to say the least. Although this theme wasn’t overly hard to dress, its more of a comfort thing for the guests. Not everyone is happy parading around in leather lingerie. I was definitely out of my element that is for sure.

Party #3

I have saved the ‘best’ for last. This theme really grinds my gears because it is impractical, unflattering, and hard to find a nice, cheap, piece, in the shops.

White. That’s all I need to say. All white party. Look, it looks fabulous, but fuck me I hate this theme. I do not suit white at all, I don’t even own a white piece, and yes I could borrow but I am so messy I would end up ruining someone else’s pristine clothing.

When I saw this theme I nearly cried. The thing is, who am I to ruin someone’s special day. If they want an all white party then they should have one. But, I felt as though I didn’t have anything to wear, it was last minute, so for myself I thought maybe I just shouldn’t go.

After I had this little tantrum, I realised Hannah is such a special friend to me I needed to suck it up, find something, slap a smile on my face, and get my arse to this white party.

It was actually really beautiful. Everyone committed and it was so special. My favourite part was the end when some tack-less friend walked in in all black claiming she had no white. It was this point that I realised thank god I committed because everyone was talking about how embarrassing it was for this girl, but my concern was Hannah. She too wore all white, and she looked genuinely disappointed that one of her friends had disregarded this theme. This made me realise that if someone theme’s their parties, if you plan on going, you have to suck it up and dress according to the theme, especially if you don’t wan to disappoint the host.

These themes that I attended, I don’t think are a ‘typical’ party theme. I’d be really interested to know what other bizarre themes people have had, or you have attended, and whether you think it is unreasonable to ask guests to dress up. Or, am I being a total whinger and completely unreasonable?

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