Boss Babes Guide to Getting Married

So you got engaged (omg, CONGRATULATIONS) Now what?

I recently got engaged, and as exciting and emotional it is, I quickly realised how crazy and overwhelming this experience could be if you let it. My fiancé and I have been together for six years, but I never expected him to propose and now here we are, I have to plan a wedding and I don’t even know where to start.

Like what do I do now?!

So I decided that I would sit down and start this little series that will help us all feel on the same page, and if you are planning a wedding too well… we can go crazy together 😉

This Boss Babes guide to getting married will cover everything… well, as much we can. I want to help you while I plan the best day of my life. #bridetribe We will include, budget, dress shopping, choosing your bridesmaids/guest list, food, reception and so much more!

Think of this as a Beginner’s Guide to Wedding Planning.

First, let’s go through the top things you should do once you announce your engagement!

Firstly Enjoy It

You will be so overwhelmed with information about weddings, cakes, dresses, questions and everything so take some time with your hubby-to-be and soak up the feeling of being engaged! Trust me you will have tonnes of time to plan and be stressed so take a few weeks to just be a loved-up couple. Have a date night, we went out for dinner and just spent time being with each other, talking about our relationship and our dreams. It was so weird, I didn’t think I could love my partner more than I already did but now I look at him so differently, good different.

Before You Post On Social Media

Tell the exciting news to your family, tell them every detail! Share the news with your besties, enjoy the moment let them shower you with love and happiness. Family and close friends are the most important people so make them feel the love too, after all, they will be there for you through the planning and crazy bridezilla phases.

Social media is crazy and can cause a lot of heartbreak if one of your nearest and dearest finds out through Facebook before you have told them. So, hold up on the social posts, I know its exciting and you want to scream it from the top of a mountain but tell your loved ones first. (Then scream away hehe)

Be Prepared

For the millions of questions that will be thrown your way, some of my favourites are;

‘Omg have you set a date?’
‘What kind of dress do you want?’
‘Was it a surprise?’
‘Where’s the ring?’ (or they just grab your hand)
‘Where are you getting married?’ ‘OMG, how did he do it?’
‘ARE YOU PREGNANT?’ (My personal fav)

When I say be prepared, I mean it! Be prepared, because it doesn’t end, People don’t give up either. Some people didn’t even say congratulations to us; they just wanted to see the ring. I ended up just ignoring messages until I was ready. Oh and the ‘friends’ that come back into your life when you announce the engagement… yeah you’re not invited to the wedding 😉

Sit Down With Your Fiancé

Order some food, grab a coffee and notebook and chat about what you want. Your vision. If you’re like me, chances are you have been planning your wedding for a while, your partner probably not so much. However, you do need to discuss the non-negotiables.

Communication is always key in every situation.

Figure out what you can’t live without at your wedding, consider what kind of budget you want. No-one likes talking about money, but it needs to be done. If you want to spend 100k and he only wants to spend 5k, chances are you’re going to be in a bit of a sticky situation.

Discuss everything now, locations, rough guest lists, budget, style, bridal party, rough date.

Formal or casual?
Sit-down dinner or cocktail reception?
Church or garden ceremony?

My partner and I created a Pinterest board. We added everything we both loved. We only added things we would both like or both wanted at the wedding. Just things we agreed on.

Get Out There

My partner chose the perfect time to propose because its wedding season and all the wedding expos are on. So, thank you for that Matias 😉

I am super excited because I get to go to all these expos now and get a bunch of ideas. Even though I am not 100% planning yet, just finding ideas and figuring out what we do and don’t want, expos are perfect. I recently went to the Girl Boss Wedding Expo @pickledpinkevents which showcases all female run wedding vendors and OMG I was blown away, it was such a fun morning, and I got to catch up with a bunch of amazing women who are wedding obsessed. I got a good feel for different wedding vibes and got to ask a bunch of questions about things that I didn’t even know existed. Like I had no idea there is a babysitting service that you can have at your wedding, AMAZING!

I met the amazing Jonte from, Jonte Designs @jontedesigns and let me tell you; her dresses are soooooo beautiful, I can’t wait to go for a fitting. She was super lovely and explained everything in words I actually understood haha! I met some fantastic florists and photographers and really got a feel for how I wanted my day to look. It was great. I got to see different colour themes and flowers. I had an excellent chat with Gabbie from Ollie & Gabbie @ollieandgabbie. She explained how long flowers last and what flowers are good for the time we want to get married. Such fantastic information that I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t meet her. Oh and her sister makes cakes, and we tried like three different types of cake, it was practically heaven.

It was a perfect morning full of incredible boss babes, and I would 10/10 recommend you head to an expo if you are planning a wedding. Go with an open mind and really let yourself get a feel for different vendors and ideas, then you can start piecing together your day. 😉

Stay tuned for my next article in the Boss Babes Guide to Getting Married!


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