Melbourne Cup Day Fashion Tips

Tip #1

Cup Day Colour:

This spring season is all about being bold. The colours red, pink, blue, yellow, white, and floral are all in for the race season. Don’t be afraid to mismatch unexpected colours, they will create surprising combinations.

Colour Chart:

  1. Rose Quartz
    This colour has a resemblance to pale pink. Although it is a pastel, it suits every skin tone and can be matched with bold colours. If you are planning on wearing this colour, make sure you match with bold accessories and colour.
  2. Mustard Yellow
    Mustard yellow is a dull/dark yellow colour that resembles culinary mustard. It is a very specific tone of yellow. Be warned this colour doesn’t suit everyone; it looks particularly great on redheads and ash blondes. Pair this colour with a bright red lip and you will kill this look.
  3. Monochrome
    Black and white bold patterns are perfect for this race day. The great thing about bold black and white prints is you can match literally anything with it.
  4. Marsala
    Marsala can be grouped as a type of red. It is the colour of the year. Think slightly muted, not quite burgundy but has a touch of Paprika.

Tip #2

Race Day Range:

This season ruffles, asymmetrical hemlines, statement sleeves, and bold choices will ensure you stand out in the racing crowd.

Dress Guide:

  1. One shoulder sleeves
  2. Puffy sleeves
  3. Skewed hemline
  4. Ruffle skirts, ruffle tops

Tip #3

Audacious Accessories:

Oversized and luxurious headpieces, statement handbags and clutches will not only make you feel like a queen but also look a million dollars.

Accessory Guide:

  1. Oversized hats
  2. In your face sunglasses
  3. Bold fascinators
  4. Rich looking headbands

Tip #4

Bin Boring:

This year step out of your comfort zone. Stay away from plain black and white and soft pastels. Be brave and be bold. Brace for maximum impact.

Tip #5

Preparation Is Important:

Melbourne Cup day is just around the corner. If you haven’t organised an outfit don’t panic, but get organised. There is nothing worse than waking up on race day and not being sure what to wear. Plan now. There are some amazing race day outfits up for grabs at reasonable prices!

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