Top 10 Perth Bars This Weekend

The weekend is rolling around again and looking at the forecast it is going to be summer-like weather. YAY! Although Perth summers are amazing, I feel like I have been in hibernation for winter and don’t know what to do with myself on Friday and Saturday nights.

So I decided to put together a list of awesome bars around Perth that are definitely worth going to if you want to take advantage of, I know I will be.

  1. Alabama Song Bar
    Open from 6pm until 2am this bar is the place to be. Upstairs you walk through old school ‘cowboy’ doors and enter a dark, intimate whisky bar. It has booths and tables, a place for a band and even a small dance floor! The last time I was here, people started swing dancing and it felt like I was in the 1920’s. The crowd is a mix of young and old, and you can have a quiet drink and an amazing burger, or take advantage of their extended whisky range. It can be hard to find, you have to walk in a back alleyway but definitely worth the hunt.
  2. Joe’s Juice Joint
    Had enough of Alabama’s? No stresses, walk down the stairs, and down again and you’ll find a completely separate bar. Joe’s is definitely a bit more mellow but as the night progresses, so does the atmosphere. If you want a big night definitely try their tequila fishbowls. Take it from me though, don’t have an entire one for yourself or you’ll be very sick the next day!
  3. Hula Bula Bar
    Located in Perth, Hula Bula is the perfect cocktail bar to have a few drinks with your friends, or a starting point before hitting the town. There is limited seating as it is a very intimate bar so get in early, especially if you want to sit inside. There is an extensive range of cocktails to choose from, and it is totally affordable!
  4. The Lookout Bar
    Located in Scarborough the Lookout is the new hot place to be! With pool tables, incredible music, and it’s own bowling alley, this makes this bar one of Perth’s most unique bars. Perfect for a Friday or Saturday night, or even a sneaky Sunday Sesh before heading back to work!
  5. Henry Summer
    Located in the heart of Northbridge, Henry Summer is becoming one of Perth’s most popular spots. Start off with a quiet drink but the place quickly becomes packed, music is blaring and the dance floor takes off. If you want a fun-filled night out definitely check this place out, but be warned the line gets long so get in early and snatch a seat!
  6. Choo Choo’s Small Bar
    Located off St George’s Terrace, down the steps at the lower plaza, Choo Choo’s is a wicked small little bar. It’s cosy industrial-chic hangout that offers cocktails, and craft beer. It also hosts gigs for local musicians. This is the perfect bar to take that special someone too as it is very intimate and doesn’t get nearly as crowded as other bars in Perth.
  7. The Heritage Wine Bar
    The Heritage Wine Bar is claimed to be one of Perth’s best wine bars. It has over 100 selections of different wines, has high ceilings and marble floors. The bar also serves incredible European dishes. If you are a wine lover and are looking for a classy sophisticated place to unwind at this is the place to be.
  8. The Flour Factor
    Attention all you gin lovers. If you are a die-hard gin fan this is the place for you! With a spinning wheel of gin options, you can have fun placing $5 down and spinning the wheel. Whatever gin it lands on this is the gin you will be served. It can range from lower class gin, to expensive, amazing gin. What a fun way to drink! If you don’t love gin don’t worry, there is also a selection of amazing cocktails for you to enjoy.
  9. Tiki as FK
    Tiki as FK is actually just so cool. There isn’t another way to describe it. You walk upstairs and into what feels like Hawaii. You have a selection of amazing cocktails, and have the choice to sit inside or out. Not to mention the bar staff is the friendliness people I have ever met. I could sit here all night if I had the choice/money. If you love cocktails, I highly recommend you start here, but be warned, be prepared to spend.
  10. Bar Lafayette
    This is where I will be this weekend! So if you’re there, come say hi. I can’t say I have ever been here but I have heard some amazing things. Apparently this is a very intimate private bar, so if you want a chilled night with friends, or are planning going with someone special, this is the place to be. I am actually hitting this place up with a Tinder date so I am glad it is dark just in case it’s a doozy.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend Perth people, and remember drink responsibly! I have a bottle of water and Berocca next to my bed ready to go!

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