Sexiest Night in Perth

Katie Berry is a Perth Boss Babe.

She is a National Director and has been hosting Pure Romance parties for four years; she also holds a position on the board of directors.

Katie loves what she does because she has the opportunity to help women all over Australia and New Zealand. She has had so many women tell her that she has helped their marriages, as they were struggling with intimacy. Katie says some women have never had an orgasm in their life so helping them with the correct products and understanding their bodies can help women learn to climax.

When you host a party at your house you get spoilt rotten by Katie! Just for having a free party, you get a gift from Katie to you, and on the night of the party based on the sales of your guests, you get 10% of the party retail in a shopping spree.

I recently had the pleasure of having Katie at my house with my closest friends, and boy did we learn all things about sex! The night was filled with laughter, champagne, sex stories, orgasm tales, and vibrating toys.

What is a Pure Romance Party?
Pure romance is the world’s leading and fastest growing woman-to-woman direct sellers of relationship enhancement products. Our Parties give women the chance to have fun, laugh, and learn in a safe environment about their bodies and sex lives. We sell the best in bath, beauty, and bedroom enhancing products including premium lubricants and sex toys.

What is involved in the night?
The parties generally go for 2-3 hours and are super interactive. You can expect to touch, taste, and smell all our products.

What can participants buy?
Participants can buy bath, beauty, massage, foreplay, lubricants, bondage, bedroom accessories, and wellness products.

How many guests do you recommend?
The more guests the better! We always aim for 10+ but the more ladies there the bigger rewards for the hostess.

Katie has a team of over 80 women. Hosting these parties gives them the opportunity to learn large amounts of money in less ‘normal’ working hours.

I highly recommend every female to attend a party. I was so surprised about how sophisticated this night was, and all my friends and me felt so comfortable.

One of my guests attending had never had an orgasm in her life. After spending the night with Katie, and buying the right products, she reaches climax now every time!

I highly recommend attending/hosting a Pure Romance Party, you will thank me later, and it really is the sexiest night in Perth.

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