What Kind of Perth Driver Are You?

People of Perth! I have a question for you…

Have you EVER been driving, parking, or at a complete stop, and hit, scratched, dented, or destroyed someone else’s car?

I am no saint. I certainly have. I should have a points reward system at the panel beater for the amount of times I have hit my, or someone else’s car.

The question I want to put forward is, when you have accidentally dinged someone’s car, if there are no witnesses, do you leave a note to notify the driver it was you, or do you speed off leaving the owner to pay the excess?

Although it costs me a fortune, I am one of those people who always tells the driver. I either leave a note with my details, or I wait for the driver to return to their vehicle. Not because it gives me joy to be honest, but because the guilt I would feel if I weren’t would drive me into an uncontrollable sad state.

Considering my honesty you can imagine my anger when I walked to my car yesterday and I found someone had hit it, badly, and not left a note.

I am a uni student, with a mortgage, bills, a dog, and a social life. I don’t have the finances to pay an excess of $500 or more to my car, especially when it wasn’t me who damaged it.

The anger I felt when I saw the damages was overbearing. I understand it’s mortifying, when you hit someone’s car, and you probably can’t afford the excess either. But perhaps you should have been more careful when driving?

Normally I would not let this get to me but this time I couldn’t. I can’t stand dishonesty. So I made a few phone calls to see if there was camera footage, to teach this person a lesson.

Once I finally got through to surveillance, I was told that the exact place I was parked, the cameras weren’t on. Fan-fucking-tastic!

Looks like this person is actually going to get away with it.

The surveillance guy was so sympathetic and helpful. He told me that a few months ago the same thing happened to him but almost worst… He was walking to his car and saw someone had hit it. HOWEVER, this kind and thoughtful person left a note, phew! Faith in humanity restored.

BUT, when he went to contact them, they had given him a false number. Are you serious!? This person obviously had witnesses so did the humane thing and left his contact details so he looked like a Good Samaritan. But not actually a good person, because he/she put down a disconnected number.

How do people sleep at night? Knowing they’ve done the wrong thing, and caused someone else financial stress!

So I want to put it to you guys. No judgements, just full blown honesty. I want to know if you’ve hit someone else’s car, and how you responded.

Did you leave your name and number, or did you drive and ditch?

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