Surprises with Sky’s the Limit!

skys the limit

Jocelyn Jayasooria is a Perth based businesswoman who created her own business based purely on making other people happy. 

Sky’s the Limit is an events company that specialises in surprises. There is no limit to what this company will do to ensure that special someone feels loved. 

Jocelyn has always been passionate about surprising people and loves the feeling she gets when she sees someone being genuinely surprised.

Sky’s the Limit has mainly catered for surprise birthdays, proposals, baby showers, but can cater for any surprise event wanted! 

Jocelyn started Sky’s the Limit because she believes everyone loves being surprised and everyone deserves being celebrated and honoured. 

However, not every event done is a complete surprise. Sometimes there is just a small element of surprise to make an event that little more special. 

Recently Sky’s the Limit created a surprise event structured like ‘The Amazing Race.’ The person being surprised was a very sporty individual and her loved ones wanted her to feel special on her birthday.

She was given a clue, arrived at the set destination to do an activity with one of her loved ones. Once that activity was completed they would give her another clue for where she needed to be next. After an exciting day of pampering, exercising, and coffee dates, she then arrived at her surprise party where all her friends awaited. 

Jocelyn hopes that Sky’s the Limit will help start to create a surprise trend where people make more effort in showing their loved ones how much they mean to them. 

An amazing aspect to Sky’s the Limit, is 10% of all profits made goes into Surprise Care. Jocelyn too set up Surprise Care, which is a non-for profit organisation where funds donated goes to surprising someone in need. For example a cancer patient, orphans, poor communities, and so many others! 

Sky’s the Limit is the only Australian company that specialises in surprises like these. 

If you’re looking for a special way to tell a loved one how much they mean to you, contact Jocelyn at Sky’s the Limit!


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