80% Nutrition, 20% Soul!

I was busy scrolling through Instagram, as most people do these days, and I stumbled across Scarlactive. Her page is lined with healthy meals, snacks; smoothie bowls, and prepped meals for the week.

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page you can see how Scarlett’s journey began.

Unhappy with her lifestyle, Scarlett decided to make a change in 2017. In her first three months she had lost 12 kilograms by eating fresh produce, exercising regularly, and learning how to be confident within herself.

Now she is constantly posting recipes, photos of food, her progress, and answering questions on her Instagram page and own Blog.

What made you make a change your lifestyle habits?

I’d always be insecure and unhappy within myself and it limited me to every area of my life. I lacked so much confidence and this would make me hide away and not take opportunities. I felt disgusting, especially mentally. I was sick of always comparing myself to others and being the bigger friend. So I decided to attempt change.

How has the change affected you, are you happier?

The mental change is massive! It’s crazy how changing your appearance changes your confidence, which in turn changes your perception on everything. The new confidence I have gained has transformed me into a new person.

What health habits have you changed?

I basically reassessed my whole diet. I asked myself how much daily food I ate is processed, how often do I eat nutritious food. The answer was never. It’s really crazy we don’t realise how much processed food we eat. So basically I switched to a whole food diet, if I didn’t know the ingredient on the packet I wouldn’t eat it. I learned nutritional value of packets, and steered clear of high sugar foods! I have now found my happy medium 80% nutritional foods and 20% soul food!

I also started to move my body. I couldn’t even run 100 meters without getting a stitch and now I train 5 to 6 times a week. I always have goals and personal bests to achieve. I listen to my body 24/7 and I thrive off the mental clarity I get from when I move.

I noticed on your socials you were packaging meals, what were you doing that for?

I used to make salads for Acai Brothers and so many people ask me to make a meal prep business. But at the end of the day my food blog is more of a creative outlet and I don’t want to mix it with business. I’ve created it to show how easy and enjoyable healthy eating is! I want to show people that they can achieve their goals through a balanced, sustainable and maintainable lifestyle. But mainly, I want to inspire people to live their best lives.

Are you happier now that you have made these changes?

I am so much happier. A lot of sadness would come from the fact that I was unhappy with my situation and I would mope and dig myself further into a hole. I would always wish I was being healthier and changing myself for the better. You can’t just say you want to live a healthy lifestyle and expect it to happen, it should be a priority.

What advice would you give to others who want to make a change but always find a reason not to?

A lot of people see healthy living as a chore. So focusing on mindset initially is crucial! If you feel eating healthier and being active is a chore, you won’t stick to it. You need a purpose, so in low times you can remind yourself why you started. Of course you’ll have slip up’s but don’t fall back into bad habits. Push your limits and remember the discomfort that caused you to make a positive change.

I used to say to myself, think of future you in two weeks, you’ll thank yourself so much. And boy oh boy I still do! Mainly, get rid of self-doubts. You need to believe that you can do it and I promise that you will. You will only achieve what your mind believes, so be your biggest supporter.

“Never ever question if you’ll get there, because when you do, it will be the most liberating feeling!”

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