Girls Guide to Buying a Car

Buying a new car can be stressful for anyone, especially a woman.

DID YOU KNOW more than 77% of woman feel that they need to show up to a car dealership with a male if they are serious about buying a car.

Sometimes just stepping into a car yard can make you feel anxious, RIGHT we’ve all been there.
How do you even register a car? What the best rate? Whether we like to admit it or not, us gals need help when it comes to cars.

What if I told you the best deal is easier then you thought? We wanted to make the ULTIMATE GIRLS GUIDE to buying a car to help you when you decide its time to buy your next ride. We have teamed up with Nina Malackey from Think Pink Automotive Services. She LOVES finance (crazy right?) but she is soo passionate about helping women, to educate and inspire them. She has years of knowledge and is an expert in her field.

Car shopping is sooo exciting, especially looking at all the shiny cars, and don’t even get me started on the new car smell but it can be daunting when you want to lock it and drive away with the best deal. Nina has shared her top tips for buying a car to make it the simplest process, helping you ditch the dodgy salesmen and seal the deal that will save you the cash.

1) Know what its worth before buying the vehicle

Jump online and see what the cars are selling for in your state. Compare the private sale prices to the dealer’s prices. and and are perfect places to start.

2) Complete all relevant checks on the car

PPSR check, AKA, a Personal Property Security Register for us gals not in the know. The check covers Written off records, Finance owing, Odometer check, Stolen vehicle check and Registration details.
If there is money owing on the car and this loan doesn’t get paid out when you purchase the car, this debt could in fact become your debt! And that’s not what you want!

3) Find out what warranty cover the car comes with and if none, negotiate within the purchase price

Buying a used car, it’s so important to have mechanical cover with the car. Unless you’re a Mechanic, you don’t know what is under that bonnet! And you certainly don’t want to fork out any more money if there is a problem down the track. Warranties are affordable, they can be financed for around $2 per week (less than a cup of coffee) in your finance package.

4) Get behind the wheel and “feel” the car

Take it for a drive, don’t just go around the block! Give the breaks a good test on a quiet street, check all electronics (windows, windscreen wipers).

If its manual, make sure the transition through all of the gears are smooth. Check you have a spare tyre! Even check your tread on the 4 tyres, they should NOT LOOK SMOOTH, they need to have plenty of tread. Pop the bonnet and ask them to show you the oil levels, when they pull the oil stick, the colour should be a nice translucent brown colour…if its thick gooey black then it may not be a good sign.

5) Look through the log book for service history

Try to avoid a used car with no service history. A car should be serviced every 10,000kms or 6 months max.


She’ll tell you if you’re getting a good deal… or even help you negotiate to get you the best price.

Give my team a call with the make, model and your budget so we can help you find the best car, give us the hard work to make sure what you are buying is suitable. We will even meet you onsite at the caryard and introduce you to a friendly salesperson at the yard you are buying from to make sure you have a pleasurable experience. – Nina

After many years working in the car industry, Nina began to realise how differently the women who would walk into the yards were treated – From being pressured into signing contracts on cars in a dealership, to being overcharged on aftercare and finance. Think Pinks is here to educate and empower women so that they have the confidence and knowledge to walk into a car dealership on their own and trust that they are now being looked after. Not only can they provide leading finance options, they can put you in touch with our car locators, mechanics, warranties and aftercare products.

But seriously, if you are looking to buy your next car Nina is your gal so make sure you check them out!

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