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It’s a Tuesday night and I just got home from dinner with a couple of friends. We went to our local, Tao, which is a Vietnamese sushi train. We often go there, as there is a tonne of different foods that go along the train, or you can order from a Japanese, Vietnamese, or Thai menu. It caters for everyone.

Tonight we decided to order off the menu and get a bunch of different plates to share, so we could try more of the amazing food this restaurant offers. Tao gets even better as it is a licenced venue. Who cares that it’s a Tuesday night!!

Our table was cluttered with spring rolls, Pad-Thai, Thai green curry, bao buns, chicken teriyaki, fried rice, and roasted pork belly. Literally the works!

We didn’t stop there. We had Matso’s Ginger beer one after the other, and then filled up on the selection of delicious cakes that floated past us.

By the time I’d finished, I literally had to unbutton my jeans I couldn’t breathe. And they’re tight on a good day!

Finally it came time to pay. Now if you’ve been to Tao before it’s actually very reasonably priced and they give you decent sized meals too. Definitely get your monies worth in food. Considering all the food we ate and the alcohol we consumed roughly $170 is not bad for three people.

When it comes to paying a food bill, my brain automatically splits the bill evenly between each person. This would mean 55 bucks each. Not bad! I would think that this is how most people would operate but apparently not… This is where the arguments started.

One friend claimed she had one less drink than us so she shouldn’t have to pay more, the other claimed she didn’t eat any entrees so she shouldn’t have to pay for that. Then the phone calculator was pulled out. I was standing at the counter mortified, watching them calculate each individual thing they both ate.

I was so embarrassed I pushed past and paid the whole bill. Seriously if 55 bucks is going to break your bank why come out for dinner in the first place?!

This got me thinking, how many people are like me where they just split the bill, and how many people want to calculate to the dollar how much they owe?

Am I just a snob for paying for the whole thing because I was too embarrassed to stand there and use a calculator to work it out?

I wonder how many people around Perth have experienced this and what they normally do. Do you automatically split it or work out what you had specifically. I would be really interested to know what the social grace is in this situation.

Regardless, I stand firm that when you go out with friends and have the intention to eat, drink, whatever, you should come prepared to spend.

I didn’t realise Tuesday’s meant my friends become tight!

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