Monday Motivation

Braless, Topless, Yet Shameless!

It’s Monday. The most dreaded day of the week.

You might have over indulged at some amazing food places, skipped your routinely workouts, had a little too much alcohol and danced the weekend away. I know I did.

Now you’re up, starting the workweek, possibly with little rest and little motivation. As I rush around frantically getting ready for my work-day I remind myself that it is a new week, and I have things I am going to achieve. Out the door early so I can stop off to get a coffee, I realise I am starting my week the right way. Dressed well for work, healthy breakfast down, and plenty of time to relax before my day starts.

As I pull onto Canning Highway, I am singing along to the radio, with little care in the world. Little focus to what I am actually doing as I drive, I barely realise that traffic is at a standstill. As I come to a complete stop I come to the realisation that there has been an accident on the freeway, which has made Canning Highway completely congested. I am probably not going to have time for a morning coffee, meaning my good mood will not last for long.

As I travel ever so slowly, one kilometre every seven minutes to be exact, I start to panic. It is very rare I am late to work, and today my, new, big boss will be in first thing. Great first impression! Running in sweaty (parking is a mile away) and late.

Finally I can sneak off Canning Highway and go down the backstreets to beat all the traffic, cause no one else would think to do that (duh!). As I pull down a side street that too is completely backed up, looks like patience is all I have working for me today.

Finally I pull up to work, jump out and run. I run in and frantically apologise to my manager. Her mouth gapes open, she looks down at my chest and says, “Where is your bra!” I look down and sure enough, I had put my blazer on and forgotten to put a top and bra on underneath.

For those small chested girls this wouldn’t be an issue, but for girls with a larger chest, like me, it’s pretty noticeable. My boobs are literally saying, “Hello world, this is me.” I am standing here, completely mortified, topless, braless, and with little dignity left. There’s not much I can do, but put a smile on my face and get through my day. Pretty hard to do when your manager is constantly looking at your chest and laughing and telling you that’s all she can see when she looks at me.

My big boss walks in and I am dreading meeting her. Probably not a great first impression rocking up to work half nude. I quickly readjust the best I can, put on a big smile and walk over to her. Pleasant introductions are made, and then she looks towards my chest. Here we go. She looks me up and down, and I kid you not said, “wow that top looks great on you, I might buy it.” Um what!? Did she completely miss that I am wearing a work blazer without a top or bra on underneath?

I look at my manager and she looks quite as surprised as me. I get back to work, trying to forget about my wardrobe malfunction. The day draws to an end, with no other issues present. As I begin to leave for the day my manager yells, “don’t forget your top and bra tomorrow Abs!” How did I even forget the first time?

Although not the best start to the week, my forgetfulness put a smile on my face, my co-workers, and even a few customers. We were able to laugh all day about how hard it can be sometimes to perform the simplest of tasks, like getting dressed in the mornings. Silver Linings.

I know it’s a Monday, but it’s also a new day, a new week, and in that lays a new opportunity for something special to happen.

And I won’t forget a bra and top again, I have set a daily reminder in my phone!

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