Hump Day, Brunch Day

It’s the middle of the week, meaning we are all one-step closer to the weekend!!!

I recently just moved into my own place. Who knew that owning a home could be so expensive and messy? I have had electricians, plumbers, painters, any form of tradie you can think of, has been in my house.

I happen to have Wednesday’s off uni and work, and I woke up this morning ready to tackle all things related to my beautiful new home. As I skip out of my bedroom I walk into my kitchen and blink twice, three times, surely I must be having a nightmare… Because there in my kitchen, is a flood of water and a massive hole in my roof. There was a tonne of rain overnight and apparently this has resulted in my roof nearly caving in.

Phone call back to the workmen and they are over in a flash, lucky they were because at the moment they walked part of my roof literally collapsed. Looks like I have to flee my home for the day.

The weather is nice so I decide to walk down the main strip of café’s along Albany Highway. I come across a little gem of a cafe/restaurant called “868 Restaurant and Bar.”

It has the option to sit inside or out, and there is enough space between each table and booth that you can eat and chat in privacy. This place has everything. Milkshakes, coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, they even have milkshakes with alcohol!?

For breakfast you can order anything from eggs benny, a fresh acai bowl, croquettes or if you’re in the mood, a full big breaky. I myself ordered smashed avocado and feta with a poached egg on a piece of sourdough bread. Simple yet effective.

Of course though I had food envy of my friend who ordered buttermilk pancakes with fresh fruit, caramel sauce, cookie crumbs, with a side of ice cream. There was definitely some swapping of food.

Although tempted I thought 10am may be a tad early for an alcoholic beverage but no judgements if you wish to try a selection of their “boozy shakes.” You can get a ‘Mochashake’ which contains Bailey’s, cream and cherry, or why not the ‘Drunken Peanut Butter’ which is made up of Kahlua, caramel, peanut butter, and cream.

If brunch isn’t your thing, or there’s no time in the morning pop down for lunch and dinner where you’ll find a selection of different options. Anything from brisket bowls, truffle fries, meatballs, or even a rack of lamb!

If it wasn’t enough that the food was amazing, the staff were incredibly nice too. We were greeted by a man who was busy making coffee and waited on by a smiley, friendly, girl. She made our experience that much more memorable, and even made me feel better about the hole in my roof back at my house. Trust Perth people to make your gloomy day that much brighter.

“868 Restaurant and Bar” should definitely be added to the list of food places in Perth you should visit.

Hump day = Brunch day

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