Frank Friday’s

I don’t know why but I always struggle to find things to do on Friday nights. Maybe it’s because I work Saturdays and don’t want to have too big of a night.

I recently just moved to Victoria Park and if you know the area well you’d know it is lined with amazing restaurants and bars. A few friends and myself decided to try a new restaurant that has only been open for a few weeks.

It’s called Frank’s BBQ and if I am going to be honest doesn’t look overly exciting from the outside. But as I walked in it is lined with wooden tables, with big heaters next to them. There is old country music blasting and quite busy.

The food that Frank’s offers is purely smoked meat, made fresh every morning. You can get smoked ribs, smoked, chicken, moist and lean brisket, and a range of side salads (and by salads I mean mashed potato, coleslaw, and mac and cheese).

To make this place even better you don’t eat off plates. You simply go up to the counter, pick what you want, and get all the food in a crate. We were each given a plastic sheet that was intended to use as a plate. Sounds strange I know, but this dining experience was so out of the ordinary and niche it made it that much more enjoyable.

If you have a motorbike or Harley and don’t want to park it on the street, don’t stress! Frank has a designated area where all bikes can be parked, which adds to the overall atmosphere of the place.

The only negative aspect to this place is it simply wasn’t enough, if you are going to go with a few people make sure you order enough food to fill the table, we had to go back for seconds. If you are going to go, go with the intention of spending money because it isn’t overly cheap either. Make sure you get there early because by 8pm it was a full house and there were no tables to spare!

Frank himself comes around to each table to ensure everyone is satisfied and enjoying himself or herself. This made my dining experience that much better because it felt personalised.

If you are a real foodie and love your meat, pop over to Frank’s BBQ, you won’t be disappointed!

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