No Bullshit Body Talk

Gone are the days of shit-talking ourselves and here are the days of learning to love ourselves

From an audience point of view the No Bullshit Body Talk was nothing short of amazing, in fact you could say that this workshop was ‘one of a kind’. ‘One of a kind’ is an accurate description of it as when we think about workshops they tend to be centered around bettering yourself, our intellect or physique often included. However, this workshop wasn’t about that which is why it is ‘one of akind’. Do not be mistaken, it does work towards the betterment of oneself, but gone are the days are thinking you’re not good enough, smart enough, fit enough, etc – that stuff is bullshit. Bettering who you are as a person comes later, first comes accepting who you are and then loving who you are, no bullshit included.

You can see that the word ‘bullshit’ is being thrown around often, which it makes sense in the situation on a very deep meaning, not just Dr.Kat’s humorous stories about toilet time. The workshop, as previously mentioned, focused on accepting yourself as who you are. The ‘bullshit’ therefore refers to all those bits of ourselves which we think are wrong, maybe it’s your smile, for me its the size of my face. You know what though? This form of accepting ourselves doesn’t come with exceptions. You can’t just accept yourself with an exception of your thighs, or your hips, it’s accepting and then loving all parts and leaving those ‘bullshit’ types of thoughts behind.

How do we jump from places of self-hatred or even self-acceptance to self-love is something thought of often when it comes to this type of stuff. It’s easy to say ‘love yourself’ but can it really just be two words that makes the difference? It’s easy to view the ‘how’ of self-acceptance as overwhelming, and therefore believe the destination is unachievable. These answers were found within the workshop, however. Giving hope to many. On the stage there were women from different backgrounds, with different sizes, ages and appearances. With all their differences they had one strong similarity, a passion for not only embracing their bodies but also helping others to do the same.

So on the stage was a radio announcer, two models, a personal trainer and a body confidence expert all willing to tell you about their journey towards self-acceptance. Each telling a unique journey and important message towards their self-acceptance. Something that isn’t talked about enough.

The radio announcer, Heidi Anderson is amazing beyond words (and no, I am not saying this because it’s her website). With a confident persona you would never think that she has dealt with her own body confidence issues. However, it happens to nearly all of us, including Heidi. After many years of battling in silence with her inner demons she admitted them publicly in 2012, and now in 2018 she can say she likes the way she looks. Heidi’s journey from a hating her body to now liking it is inspiring to many. However, her long feat to achieve this brought an interesting topic to the table, which was the
need to try different things in a journey to self-love. Not only is everyone’s past with body acceptance different but so is their path towards finding it. A person can easily say ‘I’ve tried accepting myself before but it’s not for me.’ However, what is important to know is what you have tried may not have worked for you.

There are so many different approaches to learning self-acceptance which undoubtedly means that some people will hate some and will definitely love another. Heidi herself admitted to trying so many different tactics, from nude yoga to gratitude listing. Meditation seemed to be a huge help to Heidi and after a session with Twisting Peacock Yoga later on in the workshop you could see why. Mel, the person behind the company, focused on moving your body for what it felt like – something not thought about enough. Bodies are intelligent and most often know what they want to do.

Listening to them was also talked about by Jess Pinili, a personal trainer who emphasised that exercise is because you love your body not because you hate it. Jess, encouraged listening to your body, even saying that she skips the gym from time to time if she doesn’t feel like it. The body confidence expert, Dr Kat (Dr Katherine Iscoe) is what can only be described as the ultimate body confidence guru. Dr Kat, has completed her doctoral degrees in exercise physiology and biotechnology, so you are correct to assume that her knowledge of these topics is extremely astute. This astuteness has not only been created academically but also personally, with Dr.Kat having battled with body confidence in the past. Bringing the science behind it, Dr.Kat used different models to explain the basics of body confidence.

One of the lessons learned what that sometimes our problems surrounding our body are not problems at all. In fact, the only problem is the thought that we have a problem. These thoughts tend to build off each other and end up morphing that problem into an even greater one. Dr Kat, in all her humorous wisdom, told us straight on to not care as much as we tend to do about what people think, most of the time no one gives a crap, or at least as much as we think.

No stranger to hearing what people think of them is Georgia Gibbs and Kate Wasley, both international models. Together they make the team of ‘Anybody Co’, a social media platform dedicating to loving bodies regardless of differences. Admitting they both have faced their own issues dealing with their bodies, it was clear to see that no one is born to fully love themselves, it’s a learning process. This learning process doesn’t come without its difficulties and both models have had to deal with many, including social media. Social media, although wonderful, can result in many people lashing out towards others in hateful comments.

This has happened to Georgia and Kate, time and time again. Even after creating their platform that promotes loving EVERY body comments are still left complaining that one of them is too curvy, not curvy enough, too muscular, too thin, too fat and the list goes on. Instead of giving in to those comments, Kate and Georgia are learning to brush them off while reminding themselves that everyone is perfectly imperfect and you can’t please everyone.

As people say often, ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’ and after leaving the ‘No Bullshit Body Talk’ I couldn’t agree more. We can never compare our bodies to another as we are all different. Everyone has insecurities, even the people you believe have ‘perfect’ lives do as well. The ‘flaws’ we think we may have are not as important as we think they are. Georgia even shared a mantra to repeat to yourself when feeling vulnerable about your body, one that I think should be learned by everyone reading this and that is – ’I am authentically beautiful and that actually makes me pretty fucking special.’

Ruby xo


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