I Went off Hormonal Contraception at 17

When I was 15 I got my monthlies and its safe to say they were torture. My body hated me for what felt like forever, but was really only 7 days. I had the worst cramps. When I say worst I mean, on the floor, vomiting, missing days of school cramps. It was horrible. Welcome to womanhood, it’s going to be a blast.. not

After 6 months of putting up with the shitty cramps, headache and nausea mum finally took me to the GP. They straight up asked me if I was pregnant, Ummm no I haven’t even touched a boy. So they put me on the pill. The dr explained to me how not every pill suits everyone and it’s a kind of trial and error system. The first pill was fine for me, it seemed to do what it needed to do and I was quite content with it. During this time I did get a boyfriend, so the pill was for contraception as well as period pains. It wasn’t until about a year after that I thought something was up.

“I literally turned into this psycho person who could borderline bipolar”

Every little thing either made me super duper angry or I would just burst into tears. It was horrible and played on my anxiety and depression quite a bit. It was like I wanted to be happy, and there were times where I was but I just couldn’t deal with anything. The tiniest insignificant thing would happen to me and I would feel like it was the end of the world… not cool. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety whilst on the pill.

I started gaining weight. Now to me this wasn’t such a bad thing, I’ve always been quite a small girl. And well my boobs got bigger and the B cup gal in me wasn’t sad about that. So putting on weight didn’t worry as much until I started noticing it. Then it messed with my head and we were back to square one again crying and getting angry over putting on weight.

My skin literally broke out and went crazy. There are a few pills out there that help with these types of things but mine definitely did not. Though the whole of year 9 & 10 I had a constant acne beard growing on my face that nothing would fix. Did not do well for my self-esteem lets just put it that way. Oh yeah along with the headaches, recurrent UTI’S, and bloating my hair also thinned out and stopped growing, it had no life and was blahhhh all the time.

Two-thirds of Australian women aged 18 to 49 either use some method of temporary contraception or have permanent contraceptive protection.

So what did I do? I stopped taking the pill at 17. To me, it was a really easy decision to make. I decided I didn’t want to deal with all these symptoms anymore and I didn’t want to have to keep remembering to take the stupid tiny tablet at the same time every-damn-day. And you know what almost straight away my symptoms improved dramatically!

Now that I think back I really believe that my periods are something that I should appreciate. We spend so much time hating on our bodies and trying to change every little thing, why can’t we just accept and deal with what is meant to be. I wish I could have said no to that dr when I was 15.

I went off the pill at 17 not with the goal of having a baby, but because I’ve come to realise our cycles aren’t something that needs to be controlled or bottled-up. They are actually something very unique and individual to each girl and should be celebrated.

Why would I want to add chemicals to my body to change the one thing that is most natural, beautiful and powerful about me?

So what does the pill actually do to your body?

The pill suppresses the body’s own natural hormonal cycle and replaces it with the hormones from the tablets. It stops you from releasing an egg each month (ovulating) so you cannot get pregnant. The ‘periods’ that you have during your break or ‘pill free’ week are not true periods but are withdrawal bleeds where the lining of the womb is shed in response to the drop in hormone levels.

The pill masks symptoms, it’s been proven to ‘help reduce symptoms of’ acne, PCOS, cramps, period regulation and decreased risk of anaemia but these all come straight back once off the pill.

Look I’m not going to beat around the bush here, my horrible cramps have definitely come back and they still hate me just as much as before but I’ve learned different ways of coping.

I’ve not looked back since being off the pill!

Take some time to get in touch with your own body! Own it, girl, it’s yours and it makes you, YOU.

xo Tayla

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