My Weight Loss Journey


The Beginning

For most of my life i’ve been interested in health. Sport ran in the family, I played since a young age and we grew all our veggies at home on the farm. During primary and high school, I was always on the chubby side. I definitely wasn’t overweight at that point but I felt self-conscious every day and always compared myself to others. It was a vicious cycle and I found this cycle extremely hard to break.

After graduating high school, I went travelling around Europe with friends – drinking, dancing and smoking my way around the world. Yes I had a hell of a lot of fun, but while my weight continued to go up, my confidence continued to go down.

Deciding to Make a Change

When living in Dublin, I went to the GP for a contraceptive pill script and she asked me to stand on the scales. She said if I was any heavier she would not write me the script and this gave me the shock of my life. Had I really put on that much weight?

After days of getting my head around this new reality, I made a decision that I must lose 10kg’s, as that is how much I had put on since arriving in Dublin. I had determination, a time frame and I knew I also needed some level of support to do it.

One of Many Diets

Along came Weight Watchers, which helped me to improve my food, I started exercising more and soon enough the scales started to go down. I felt more energetic and I began to feel more comfortable in my clothes, however, counting points became obsessive with little focus on food as nourishment and more so, food as a ‘point’. Even though I was losing weight and even reached my 10kg goal, this point counting fuelled my poor relationship with food.

After arriving back in Oz, the weight was creeping up and every week I kept saying to myself, “I’ll start on Monday.” I tried short-term diets, weight loss shakes, soup diets, weight loss tablets (thanks commercials for telling me I would lose 6 kg’s in 2 weeks!), I tried a 2 week bootcamp blitz, 7 week challenges, online meal plans – you name it, I’ve tried it!

It felt like such an uphill battle, with little hope and I was directionless with which way to go and what to do. I would lose weight and it would come back on, but no wonder, I was looking for a quick fix and I wasn’t prepared to put the time and effort in.

Until one day, and I remember this as clear as day, when I stood on the scales before work and I was the heaviest I have ever been! I stood there in shock horror, thinking WTF have I done and how did I not know that I was this heavy? This was the moment that changed my life!  I would now lose 15kg’s and it had to be done the ‘right’ way. My goal was to lose half a kg per week, seek the support of my family and friends, go to bootcamp several times each week and ultimately remain accountable to myself.

And I did it!

Yes, I was losing weight and feeling more comfortable in my skin, but I still wasn’t feeling as well or as happy as I knew I could.

Throughout my counselling studies, I realised that if I really wanted to love myself and be genuinely happy then I needed to work on my relationship with myself, rather than focus on the exterior and the scales.

I started to shift my thinking about myself – yes it is possible! I started to purposefully find gratitude in my day, for things that I did and I praised myself on the small things, instead of always judging. I chose to really enjoy who I was, who I had become and what I had to offer the world. I grew strength in so many ways and I was then determined to coach other women through what I had learnt. This passion led me to further my studies in holistic health & lifestyle coaching and I have never looked back.

I Found My Purpose & My Biggest Passion

I fell in love with this holistic approach to weight loss, knowing food is just one important factor whereas our mindset and thoughts are key! Movement, rest, sleep, hydration and our breathing are also the other principals to weight loss and optimal health, and this is what I coach all my amazing clients on every single day.

I feel so fortunate to spend every day doing what I love; helping women to lose weight permanently through a powerful holistic approach, while developing body confidence, energy and self-belief, and supporting them every step of the way.

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