What Reality Are You Shaping?

Your subconscious mind is always listening, to both the words you think and the words you say.
How often do you find these two are not aligned with each other?

How many of you have gone for a job and mentally amped yourself up “you got this, you aced the interview, it’s in the bag” but as soon as you have got around friends or colleagues toned it down, in order to not sound arrogant and have said “yeah I think it went well, I dunno though, I guess we’ll see, there were some strong candidates…or yeah, I don’t really care either way”

Why do we do that?

Who taught us that being proud of yourself was a sin? There is a line between arrogance and confidence. It may be a fine line at times, but you can have one without the other. What your subconscious mind starts to hear is “I am not good enough for the job”. Imagine the effect of your mind hearing that over and over? What effect do you think that will have on your actions?

Here is another example….

How often do we put ourselves down? Some people do this all the time on an internal level, but it also happens on an external level.

A friend compliments you…

“that dress looks stunning on you”
“what!? Are you crazy, I am so fat at the moment, I haven’t been to the gym in forever”

What do you think you just reinforced to yourself…I AM FAT

“you are beautiful”
“you need your eyes checked”

“dude! She’s hot, go speak to her”
“no, way man, She’s too hot for me”

Are these the kind of affirmations you want to be repeating to yourself over and over again. Is this really the belief system that you want to reinforce?

If someone compliments you, THANK THEM. It is so simple.

I am not telling you to walk around telling everyone your gods gift to the world, but learn to accept compliments and to be confident in yourself. If you feel you did something well or you achieved something cool. Say it!

“I think I interviewed well, I had answers to all the questions and the panel seemed really interested. I am looking forward to hearing back from them”

It all begins and ends in your mind. Make sure the reality you are shaping is the one you want to live!

xo Lauren

Lauren Parker is an empowerment coach on a mission to teach every person she comes across how to stand in their own power, to own their worth, to acknowledge their abilities and lead a strong and abundant life full of love for themselves and for others. Lauren is the founder and head coach of Shape You Reality and works with clients worldwide to help them reach their potential.

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