Why Do I Have to Wait for Prince Charming?

So this might be somewhat controversial because society, also known as my nosy, overbearing insanely loving and supportive family, tells me frequently this isn’t something I should even be thinking about as a 20-something single girl but it’s something that has taken up a lot of my brain power, which if I’m honest I haven’t got much to spare, so I did want to talk about it here in the hopes that if there’s another young single girl out there with these same worries that she knows she’s not alone. Here’s the thing… I want a baby.

I had a family Christmas party last night with all our friends and yet again there I was single at the holidays with people I’ve known my entire life telling me, don’t worry, you’ll meet someone, he’ll come along, the right guy will turn up so you shouldn’t even be worrying about having a baby because you will. Things that people think is reassuring when really it’s just purely like someone kicking you in the shin to kill a spider, you feel like you’re supposed to be thankful when really you want to yell “YOU JUST KICKED ME!”.

I have loved babies since I was one and being a mum has been something I’ve always wanted to be. I reached a point after my string of bad relationships in the last year where I decided that on top of accepting that I’m not going to wait for a man to fulfil my dreams I also decided my goal is to spend the next three years establishing myself so that if in three years time I’m still single I will be able to have a baby on my own. Most people think this is crazy, that 28 is too young to settle and have a baby on your own but to those people, I say why do I have to wait for prince charming to ride in on his horse before I can have my dream. I’m done waiting for a man to be worthy because here’s the thing I’m worthy and so are you. Not just when it comes to having a baby do women hear that we should wait for the right one and not panic. What people are really saying is you can’t or shouldn’t do it by yourself but here’s what I think, YOU are worthy, I am worthy, every woman is worthy, without a man, to have exactly what they want and need.

Don’t get me wrong if prince charming rides up with flowing locks, a hilarious personality and an obsession with sushi and sweeps me off my feet then I will be stoked and won’t hesitate but I also am not going to stand on the side of the road with my binoculars on looking into the distance waiting for him to appear. Us women need to jump on our own gorgeous steeds and be our own heroes and prince charming can ride up alongside us when he catches up and if prince charming gets lost and never turns up or if we don’t want him to then that’s okay too. So my little rant has led to this, build your life the way you want it, when you want it, how you want it and don’t let anyone else make you feel bad for knowing what you want because you are not giving up or settling or panicking you’re a boss ass bitch who can see what she wants and gets it. It’s okay to be young and do it by yourself because YOU CAN! Now to keep giving myself that little pep talk.

Love Kendall xx

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