Gettin’ Real About the Voice In Your Head

Over 18 months ago I went through some pretty hectic times with my anxiety & in the past body image too & yesterday I ran with my fav gal pal Tracey Spencer our very first workshop!

Hell to the YES…it was incredible! Every single woman in the room was super courageous & open to growing, sharing & understanding the voice in there head 😍❤️🌈

It was an absolute honour to share the room with you legends, I’m still high on the love & openess you guys gave. For me, I’m proud I did it! I’ve struggled the last few years with anxiety & crowds & public speaking etc & worrying constantly what people think of me but yesterday proved I can do anything ❤️you can do anything.

Fuck yeah, when you start to believe, you achieve!

Workshop Feedback

HEIDI, I can not thank you enough for today. Yesterday was like a lightbulb moment for me on why I was feeling so drained and tired of the voice in my head. Today I have walked away feeling ready to tackle this journey. Thank you for being so open and real and inspiring me to be a better version of my self for my kids, husband, friends and family 😘😘😘 you’re amazing – Tegan

I attended your workshop yesterday and wanted to thank you for such a great day, and for allowing women to share together and connect!! Thanks again for yesterday, it was great to meet you 😘 – Megan

If you want and need tools to manage the voices in your head, this workshop is the perfect one to go to. Heidi and Tracey tells it like it is, no holds bars. I have learnt how to tell the little voice in my head to STFU now – Feli

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