The most SEXY & JUICIEST interview I have ever done!!! by Real Heidi

LAST week I sat down for a one-on-one chat with one of Perth’s most popular dominatrix, Sienna (this is not her real name.)

At the end of the interview, Sienna explained to me that she gave me the “G” rated version, which completely shocked me as my jaw was hitting the floor the entire time!

Hands down, this would have to be my favourite and the most interesting interview I have ever done.

Sienna is known as a mistress to her many submissives here in Perth.

To her family and friends, she is a business owner, a wife, and a mother with a few kids.

Her husband is the only one that knows what she “really” does. Initially, she lied to him too but eventually he found out and they stayed together, marrying only recently.

It’s crazy how this all started for Sienna! At 20 years old, she left home with $500 in her back pocket to move to Melbourne.

Sienna suffered from anxiety and, at the time, it was preventing her from holding down a job.

On one of her days off, she came across a show called Satisfaction.

“It was about smart, clean women who weren’t drug addicts or didn’t have rough pasts, that were normal everyday mothers and women, who just happened to work in a high-class brothel in Melbourne.”

She watched the whole series in a day and then decided this was a career path she wanted to take.

Sienna has never drank or taken drugs and felt that with her looks, she could be good enough for the high-end escorting. So, she began to Google agencies and brothels in Melbourne.

“Straight away, I was called for an interview,” She said.

“I didn’t feel nervous at all, I was very calm. The lady asked me to start that night and $1000 later, I had found my calling!”

“My first client was an old businessman who was sweet and clean. That night, he asked for a massage, fell asleep and that was it.”

She worked as a high paid escort all around the world for two years after that.

Her clients were from all different walks of life – Celebrities, actors, politicians, sports stars and many others.

“I did that for two years then travelled to London where I met a client who was into dominatrix and it was there that I really fell in love with what I do.”

“I was trained by a high-end mistress. She taught me everything and we formed a close friendship and travelled around the UK, seeing some of the world’s highest profile clients.”

After spending some time travelling back and forth, Sienna met someone who she settled down with and had her first child. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out and she went on to have another child and married her now husband three years ago.

“The past four years, I’ve been juggling motherhood, a new marriage, dogs and work,” she said.

I’m blown away by how much Sienna can make in a week and by the stories she tells me about her clients.

Her double life just absolutely fascinated me from the beginning to the end of the chat.

Sienna makes around $8000 per week and has an apartment in the city where she works. Interestingly, the most popular service she offers is “Wives watching their husbands with other men or the men do it behind the wives back with another man”.

She specialises in a lot of fetishes, some too juicy to write in this column, so I’ll let you listen to the podcast

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