Talking is OK

So.. Mental Health.. It’s a huge aspect of today’s society, making it acceptable to talk about that is. Most people in one way or another will have had some experience with mental health unfortunately some more than others. There are so many elements out there that it can be hard to understand. 

I myself have had experience with it my whole life. I’m one of those who had to learn about it from a young age, six I believe I was when I was told to understand why I was different. 21 years later.. Like hell I understand! Its one of those things where you think you’re about to kick the goal and maybe understand why things are the way they are.. Then something, be it my own head, my surroundings or even life decide they are going to move the goal posts.

 I’m not going to go on about my situation or what I’ve been though. However, I do want to highlight the box you’re thrown in when you bring up your personal mental health.

I feel that although two people could be experiencing the same thing ‘text book‘ they react so different and can’t be categorised the same yet they are put in the same box. Along with them in that box is a bunch of other people who have different situations and reactions. 

Let’s not talk about mental health. Let’s talk about anxiety, depression, body dismorphia, ADHD, ASD or anorexia. Let’s not put people in a mental health box rather, lets understand them.

I think an emphasis should also be put on everyone that not only is taking important but also LISTENING. Truly deeply listening to the people around you to understand the depths rather then the surface level. 

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