Where to eat breakfast in Perth!

FOR me, breakfast wasn’t always my favourite meal of the day. When I was a kid, I couldn’t stomach the thought of anything before recess at school.

How things have changed.

Working breakfast radio hours makes you appreciate a few things – sleep, sunrise and of course the very first meal of the day breakfast.

These days, I couldn’t live without breakfast and it seems most of Perth are enjoying eating their first meal out regularly too. So this week I thought I’d catch up with my friend Liz Lyons, to give us the top 10 breakfast joints in Perth.

Liz is the brains and beauty behind www.breakfastin.com.au – you might have seen the Instagram page “Breakfast In Perth” that has almost 90,000 people following it.

I was desperate to find out how it all started. Liz explains: “There are a couple of reasons I started it up. I was working for a marketing agency at the time and I thought that it would be beneficial to have my own platforms through which I could help promote clients. We had started reaching out to bloggers to promote certain things and it seemed logical as a marketing person to have my own blog going.

“Secondly, I LOVE going out for breakfast and it seemed that a lot of other people did too. Once my friends and I started working full time we started visiting cafes more and trying out new places. I thought it would be great to make that the focus of my blog and make it a collaborative place where people could share their cafe finds.”

When did you know you were onto something?

I suppose I knew I was on to something when the pages started gaining traction and people started telling me how useful they found them. I’ve always been motivated by how much I enjoy creating content and coming up with ideas and different collaborations so it’s been cool to see other people excited by what I’m doing too!

How do you turn an Instagram account into a business?

It depends on the nature of your account and what you’re doing. For some people, showcasing a skill through Instagram leads to them being noticed by someone who may want them to do something similar for them. Cake makers are a great example – I have a couple of friends who started off by making awesome cakes, taking snaps and sharing them on social media as a hobby, and now it’s become their full-time business. It’s the modern day word-of-mouth.

For others, it can be through sponsored content. This is when brands will pay a digital influencer to promote a product via their channels. For me, I now specialise in doing content creation and social media marketing. It became my “digital CV” in many ways.

You started out with Breakfast in Perth and now have accounts in Sydney and Melbourne, how many followers on all three handles on Instagram?

It’s growing every day, but last time I checked it was nearly at 400 000… Eeep!

Heidi Anderson does breakfast at Pixel.

Is this your sole job now? Do you have any staff?

Yup! I have a few contractors who do some work for me from time to time, and my partner Chris helps out too.

Do you eat breakfast out every day?

Ha ha, it may look like that but I still have breakfast at home fairly regularly. I love making muesli with coyo and berries or a homemade avocado smash with feta and peas (seriously, the peas are the BEST addition). That said, I am visiting cafes for photoshoots/meetings on most days.

Why breakfast? Is it your favourite meal?

I love breakfast food, there are so many delicious options. Plus I find it lighter (and quite often healthier) than lunch and dinner when you’re eating out.

I also love what it represents. It’s the beginning of the day, and you feel optimistic about what the day could bring. It may sound a bit silly, but I feel like there’s something really positive about a good brekkie! In addition to it (of course) being really good for your body and helping it function during the day ahead.

What’s your go-to favourite breakfast on the menu?

I can’t go past a good smashed avo. Add peas, feta (or halloumi), maybe some dukkah and a poached egg and I’m on cloud nine. I also like a good muesli or smoothie bowl – heavy on the peanut butter, please!

Liz Lyons’ top 10 breakfast joints in Perth

The Coolroom (Fremantle):  I LOVE this quirky little Freo spot. It’s my go-to for the best-halloumi bruschetta I’ve ever encountered.  https://www.instagram.com/p/BNg0Q-wlAnh

Little Bird Cafe (Northbridge): A great Northbridge cafe with lots of seating too.

Flora and Fauna (Northbridge): This place may be small, but it is mighty! Quite possibly home to the prettiest brekkie food in Perth.

Nood (Leederville): Awesome healthy food that’s perfect to grab n go. Try a turmeric latte while you’re there – delicious.  https://www.instagram.com/p/BRGJp7MjdYY

Harvest Espresso (Victoria Park): I’ve been a massive fan of these guys for ages. They’re super inventive, and always offering a new take on the brunch game.

Pixel Coffee (Leederville): Great coffee, great acai bowls, and the most awesome nourish bowls that are full of healthy stuff. Their cake cabinet is worth a look too.

 Piccolo’s Corner (Leederville): A must-try for their smashed avo. If you’re feeling adventurous, give the smashed pumpkin a whirl.
Sprolo (Como): Brunch food, with an Asian twist.
Post (CBD – The Treasury building): Healthy, tasty food inside one of the most beautiful buildings in Perth. Give the omelette and the pancakes a go – you won’t regret it.  https://www.instagram.com/p/BRIryHfDitz
Chu Bakery (Highgate) : An awesome bakery that does a great toast n toppings. Perfect to enjoy in the park opposite.

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