Ladies, get your pap smear! This is WHY!

I have struggled to find the right words for over a year now but I’m going to have a crack at it now. Having my dad go through stage 4 cancer (unfortunately dad lost his battle) I obviously prioritised and put my own problems to the back of the line but the time has come to raise awareness to you ladies.

In 2015, I decided to book in with my Doctor (Dr) to have my routine pap smear. Something didn’t seem right and I thought to myself “shit better just put my mind at ease”.

3 weeks later after having my results sent for a 2nd opinion, I got the call from my Dr. “Courtney I need to discuss your results as soon as possible, today would be preferable “.

After hearing those words my whole body and face went numb. I heard those words before with Dad.

I went to my Dr by myself as I didn’t feel the need to involve anyone else. I walked into the Dr’s office barely breathing and sat down ready for the news. “Courtney, unfortunately, your results have read that you have high-grade cancer cells evident. I have already arranged for you to see a professional for treatment”. At that moment I thought I was going to throw up and thought to myself “Yep. That’s it for me then”.

The next morning I received some mail.

It was an A4 envelope addressed to me. Inside was a “living with cervical cancer guide”.
I just fell into a heap and cried and cried. Why me?
I still had to remain positive for my dad and hold my shit together because dads survival was everything to me.

So I continued to carry on.

I received a phone call from the specialist who had organised another appointment. The specialist took one look up there and said “Courtney, without me even waiting for your results I am going to book you in for surgery. I can see cancer forming as we speak”.

Those words were a kick in the guts and a wave of anxiety swept over me. It made me think of my poor dad and the emotions he must have felt.

3 weeks later I was booked in for surgery.

As they wheeled me into theatre all I could think about was that I needed to be ok for my family, I still have to look after them.

Then I was put to sleep.

After I woke up from surgery I felt no pain just anxiety wondering if it went well. As far as the specialist told me they have gotten all of the cells and from here on out, I need to be checked every 4 months.

This is NOT for sympathy but an urgent reminder to you girls. Go and get your fucking pap smears!

If I had have left mine for 6 months longer who knows where I would be. ❤❤

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