Perth’s best desserts?

I have a real love for sweet things and so does one of my friends, Aimee Heinrich. Her love is so strong, around 12 months ago she started an Instagram page called “Perth Desserts”.

In that time, she has gathered almost 20,000 followers, which means there are a few of us that enjoy a dessert.

After scrolling through all her pics I was salivating! But a word of warning — if you’re hungry or on a diet, don’t check the page out, you’ll regret it.

After stalking her account and drooling over these desserts for far too long, I called Amz and convinced her that we needed to do some research and taste test a few of these joints. She happily obliged.

I rarely ever order a dessert — if I’m out with friends or my boyfriend I’ll convince them to order the dessert so I don’t feel guilty about breaking the diet.

Once it arrives, I’ll have a mouthful and before I know it I’m on the sixth spoonful finishing it off.

It’s a tactic I’ve played at for years and I believe I get it off my mother.

She will always convince my Dad that he wants a dessert. She’ll then suggest the dessert and before he can respond she’s ordering it for him.

When it arrives he will have just one mouthful before she’s eaten the entire thing.

Peanut butter brownie milkshake at Rabbit in the Moon cafe, North Fremantle. Picture: @perthdesserts/Instagram

I think it might be quite common with the women — although some might be convinced that we won’t eat the entire thing and it will be just one mouthful.

Amz and I said the same thing when we set out on our taste test. At every stop, we told ourselves we would only have a few bites to taste — before knew it we were licking the plate clean.

These places and their desserts are so damn good we couldn’t rank them:

Jersey Jack Gelato — Como

THIS place was my jam! I worked in an ice-cream parlour when I was a teen so to get back to my roots was super exciting and an awesome trip down memory lane.

These guys built us a monster cone filled with different flavours, I can’t tell you how bloody good it was. Seriously delish — who doesn’t love ice cream!

Whisk Creamery — Subiaco

Rose cream donuts at Top Dup, Swanbourne. Picture: @perthdesserts/Instagram

OH yeah, baby! These guys bake everything fresh on the premises. The cronut (croissant-doughnut) with house made soft serve ice-cream, a frozen yoghurt or sorbet was the bomb diggity!

I went in there to try the shakes as that’s what put these guys on the map and I came out a few kilos heavier after stuffing my face with the cronut … and the shakes, well they’re just to die for!

Brooklyn Lounge — Claremont

This dessert blew me away with all its flavours and layers! It was so big and epic I actually waddled out of there.

Smores at Brooklyn Lounge, Claremont.

Amz had told me about these and said don’t eat lunch beforehand as they’re so damn good.

They’re famous for their smores but we decided against the dessert challenge called the ‘biggie smores’ — 1.2kg of biscuit, Nutella, marshmallow and caramel! Only one person ever has completed this challenge.

We couldn’t do all these places on our own, so we asked the people of Perth and they recommended these places:

— Mrs S Cafe in Maylands and Highgate

— Rabbit in the Moon Café in North Freo

— Donuts from Top Dup, Swanbourne

— Piggy Food Co in North Fremantle

— Cafe 2 Twenty Four in Cloverdale

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